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What Can You Expect From Us?

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Health Practice, Tax & Accounting Advice

Securing your financial future

Practice Agreements

Fair Work and Australian Tax Office tested, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel


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Transparency and Dedicated Service

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Easy to follow

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No more messy Spreadsheets

with Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator program

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Implement Effective

succession plans using market tested practice agreements & templates

We set up

the right systems the right way and train your staff anywhere in Australia


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Testimonials from people whom we care for

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  • Marathon effort for one presentation – and remaining fresh and enthusiastic was impressive!’

    Ms J Day, Southcity GP Services, Prahran (VIC)
  • The session has made me think about how we are utilizing our nursing staff. I wished one of our GP principals was there as I know they would have benefited from the session.’

    Ms A White, Mair Street General Practice (VIC)
  • ‘Thanks. An excellent seminar’

    Mr J Stanton, Grantham St. General Practice, West Brunswick (VIC)
  • ‘Excellent knowledge and very relevant’

    Mrs C Ryan, Gordon Street Medical Centre (SA) Accreditation Standards VS Legal Standards
  • Well presented, well covered, wouldn’t change anything’

    Ms D Colliver, Maitland Health Centre (SA)
  • Very knowledgeable – there is so much I don’t know that I didn’t know I need to know!”

    Dr J Kovats, The Health Care Centre, (NSW) Efficient Practices
  • great to listen to & deals with peoples questions with time & great knowledge’

    Mrs S Lill, Ballina West Medical Centre Dr C Ahern, NCGPT, (NT) Successful Recruitment & Retention of Doctors
  • I have already been onto our practice solicitors this morning about relevant information received at the seminar.’

    Ms M Johnson, Springs Medical Centre (VIC)
  • Straight to the point, easy to follow and very well presented’

    Ms F Ness, Kadina Medical Clinic. (SA)
  • ‘Presentation was very informative’

    Mrs L Straker, Brindabella Family Practice, (NSW) Efficient Practices

Practice Setup
“You (David) really have been terrific and we couldn’t have come this far without your unfailing advice, availability and support. We look forward to our ongoing association with you and Health and Life as our successful new practice continues to evolve and take shape!”

—Dr A Thompson, (NSW)

Doctor’s Pay Calculator™
“I love it”

—Val Hosking, Practice Manager Millbank Medical Practice (QLD)

“I said to my boss I would resign if we did not get it.”

—Tammy Martin, Practice Manager Clifton Beach Medical Centre (QLD)

Practice Assessment
“The appraisal was honest and confronting. But most importantly, their recommendations gave us strategies by which to resolve current conflicts and alternative ways of doing things which at present were seen to be ineffective or inefficient.”

—Dr S Harichandran, Pirie Medical Clinic (SA)

“this information would be extremely relevant to all GP registrars and in fact all doctors”

—Dr C Ahern, NCGPT, (NT)

“I could listen to you talk for hours”

—Ms C Hermans, Station Street Clinic (VIC)

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Why Do We Do It?

David Dahm - The man behind Health and Life

Founded by CEO David Dahm, Health and Life does more than just your tax return. We work with like-minded, inspirational and ethical people to build a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system. Unlike David, you shouldn’t have to nearly die to start living your dreams.

After working long hours as an accountant, I had a car accident at 5:30 am while asleep at the wheel and hit a tree. I very nearly lost my life. It was then that I decided to become a patient advocate as well as an accountant.

David Dahm

Health and Life Core Values

We provide accounting, tax, practice management and health care consulting solutions for Medical, Dental, Allied Health and Elite Sports People

Triple Win

We promote innovative, sustainable and socially responsible triple win solutions. A triple win means for:us, the client, and the community.


We are all role models and must lead by example.

Integrity and respect

We show integrity and respect by our actions that show we care.


We are innovative by being part of a patient and dynamic team that openly supports progressive thinking and solutions that takes us all to the next level of personal and professional development.


We demonstrate accountability by acting timely on facts and not on feelings. We value our mistakes as a great opportunity to learn. We remain open, fair and transparent to everyone without fear or favour.

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