Never Give Up: How One Horrific Moment Can Be the Catalyst for Positive Change.

Horrific car accident Accountants on Purpose – S1E10! Interview with David Dahm – Never Give Up: How One Horrific Moment Can Be the Catalyst for Positive Change. 

 David Dahm was interviewed by lawyer and principal Sara Bartholemeuz from You legal. Their introduction on pretty much David Dahm the founding of Health and Life David Dahm is an extremely driven, motivated and dedicated individual with an arsenal of qualifications and experience – not to mention an amazing life story. 

David is currently the CEO and Founder of Health and Life, CEO of One Moment Foundation and he was the founder and Chair of the national Practice Managers post-nominal ‘Certified Practice Manager’ “CPM” for AAPM. A national qualification established in 2012 for medical and health practice managers. 

David is a chartered accountant and CPM After a life changing moment, David believes in creating a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system by promoting health and financial literacy in the community.



Tips for running a General Practice

David Dahm was interviewed by The Medical Republic newspaper which is circulated to over 20,000 doctors in Australia. Their introduction says it all…. 

The idea of generating profits from patients doesn’t sit well with the ethical soul of general practice. 

But, then again, money does make the world go around… 

In this bonus episode, we catch up with GP business expert David Dahm to find out his best tips on turning a healthy profit. 

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