To see our team be nationally recognised was one of our  proudest moments in 25+ Year history.

A client Dr Nick Vhlachoulis who inspired this post texted David Dahm

 ‘Hi David. Congratulations. You must be very proud.’ I said ‘It is pretty cool to be quite honest. More than money or anything else but especially to people like you guys who give them a chance. We all had a part to play.’ 

We were really punching above our belt and beyond. 

The competition was tough playing against billion-dollar accounting and consulting firms and being judged by senior veteran peers. This was an amazing effort. 

 These were for our four moonshot projects:

1. Live national medical practice benchmarking

2. Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator 

3. Specialist advice in the healthcare sector 

4. International Healthcare Standards and Ethics Board


Congratulations to: 

Ashely Tudo Accountants Daily 2019 Public Accountant of the Year

Christian Verbi Specialist Consultant

Mark Di Fabio Specialist Consultant and 

Jonathan Markey Tech Innovation national finalists! 

Ashely Tudo Accountants Daily 2019 Public Accountant of the Year

Public Accountant national Award Winner Ashley Tudo being interviewed by Accountants Daily.

Thanks to everyone especially our amazing clients and Health and Life Senior Associate Nick Tsoulakis. Thanks to  Jonathan Lee who looked after us during the Award week. All staff and supporters should feel proud of this remarkable achievement.

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