Don’t use the “C” Contractor Word! – Part Two

This is Part Two of the article “Don’t use the “C” (Contractors) Word”. I cover practical examples and key court cases that best illustrateGL check common mistakes many practices make.  This is Part Two of a two-part series. Part Two of this topic covers practical court case examples of what I commonly see practices get […]

Don’t use the “C” Contractor Word! – Part One

This article was first published by the Medical Republic on the 6th of April 2021.   When a practice manager, doctor, or doctor owner says “our doctors are contractors” without realising it you may be opening a whole can of worms for your practice. Even your website that states “Our Doctors” could trigger an audit! […]

2015 New Employee v Contractor Tax Audits!

The day’s of a “Gentlemen’s agreement” (i.e. hand shake agreements not putting agreements into writing) are over….! It is time to finally take control and eat well and sleep well to this recurring problem! We are aware of practices that have been recently hit with payroll and contractor audits. This is a new warning bulletin […]

Tenant Doctor/Tenant Provider/Service/Contractor Agreements

Medical, Dental and Allied Health Contract & Medical, Dental and Allied Health Service Provider Agreement Follow our comprehensive blog on tax, accounting and medico-legal problems with your provider, contractor arrangements and how we can assist you. Provider agreements can get quite complex with conflicting expert legal and accounting opinions across different state and federal laws […]

Overtime is not a badge of honour: it is a warning sign!- Part One

This is Part One of the article Overtime is not a badge of honour: it is a warning sign! It Overtime and staff burnout is your greatest challenge and opportunity. Three game-changing things you can do to stop it.  Overtime is not a badge of honour: It is a warning sign!  This is part one […]

How much is my practice worth?

This article has been published in the Medical Republic 9/3/2021 – Find article here I have been asked this question more times than I have had hot dinners.  This has increased in recent times given GP practice acquisition race is on again and eye watering prices are being paid! ! If you own a General Practice […]