Doctors and Staff Contracts: Finally the video!

Finally, after a number of requests, thanks to our friend Gary Smith from Armchair Medical and the East Melbourne PHN, we have produced a live recording from the East Melbourne PHN seminar series David Dahm recently presented on Doctor and Staff Contracts. We hope this video will clear up any common confusion between contactors and […]

Don’t use the “C” Contractor Word! – Part Two

This is Part Two of the article “Don’t use the “C” (Contractors) Word”. I cover practical examples and key court cases that best illustrate check common mistakes many practices make.   This is Part Two of a two-part series. Part Two of this topic covers practical court case examples of what I commonly see practices […]

Don’t use the “C” Contractor Word! – Part One

  This article was first published by the Medical Republic on the 6th of April 2021. When a practice manager, doctor, or doctor owner says “our doctors are contractors” without realising it you may be opening a whole can of worms for your practice. Even your website that states “Our Doctors” could trigger an audit! […]

Doctors Pay Calculator

Over 25 years in service Over 1,000+ users Only Chartered Accountant and nationally registered tax agent developed and approved Cloud service available Easily keep track of all your signed provider contracts ARE YOU BEING PAID CORRECTLY? Introducing Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator Does your practice provide the following information so you can prepare your BAS […]

Greedy Doctors?!

Fast Medicine puts your health at risk! Is this fair? Can you imagine if your boss told you “Your wages will be frozen for the next 4 years and your hours will be cut by 20%” while the cost of electricity, groceries and other living will continue to increase by 3% p.a. (Breaking news: It was announced […]