Don’t use the “C” Contractor Word! – Part One

  This article was first published by the Medical Republic on the 6th of April 2021. When a practice manager, doctor, or doctor owner says “our doctors are contractors” without realising it you may be opening a whole can of worms for your practice. Even your website that states “Our Doctors” could trigger an audit! […]

More Audits and Unsustainable Compliance!

We predict more Government audits for 2019 and beyond! We expect an increase in ATO audits over the next 12 months after seeing a spike in taxpayers details being linked (data matched) to the Tax Office’s databases. Furthermore there will be new 1st July 2019  harsh laws that stop legitimate payroll tax deductions if you […]

New Tax sting: Is your practice running like a brothel?

A Brothel has to pay GST, withholding tax in cash economy case. A high-end brothel will have to pay more than $6 million after an unsuccessful bid to avoid tax and GST obligations relating to its sex workers. Purely from an accounting and taxation viewpoint we examine the key issues. Those who would like to […]

2019 New Medicare Laws expose practices to fraudulent billing

Practices may now be liable for their provider’s billings. From 1st July 2019, medical and healthcare practice owners must be careful when incentivising their doctors or allied health professionals using the percentage of their gross fees method, or any other similar method. A possible risk is if a provider ‘dobs in’ a practice to escape […]

New Tax Office Warning – your practice could be facing a double risk?!

Breaking news : Watch out doctors ATO takes aim! I raised this news story with the Medical Observer last week and it made the headlines see: and Unfortunately, if your doctors or practitioners are affected by the recent Federal Tax Office announcement then your practice may be simultaneously exposed to a significant payroll tax […]

2018 Historic Doctors/Providers Payroll Tax warning!

Beware of the payroll taxman… As reported in a recent interview in the Medical Republic paying doctors or providers incentives may attract payroll tax that many are unaware of. A checklist based on this recent case is below so you can test how safe you are from an audit. We have recently received a number […]