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2nd July 2020

New MBS Quick Guide July 2020

New MBS COVID-19 Telehealth Items July 2020

21st May  2020

Do you feel your patient numbers are significantly falling? Are you missing out on up to $15,500 per employee Government Job keeper funding? You can still apply?

19th April 2020

How to respond to a 50% pathology COVID-19  rent reduction request

COVID19 Practice Alert

For GP practices that need a template letter click here for more information.

12th April 2020

Practices need a plan


Objective  – Stay Open

Safely keep your general practice open to save lives and not overwhelm the emergency department with non-COVID-19 care e.g. chronic disease.

We have a live plan for your practice

“Now it is a management problem not just a medical one” – David Dahm CEO & Founder of Health and Life


What is your plan?


To register for the 101 GP Survival Guide click here.

10th April 2020 

What does the national medical media say about our COVID-19 Guide -10th April 2020? 

Six vital steps to take if your practice is in COVID-19 distress

” To help practices understand their context, Dahm has put together a 170-page survival 101 guide, which is available HERE. Due to the challenging environment, Dahm is updating the guide daily, and he expects some updates to be directed by feedback he gets on the guide.

The guide, called Kicking COVID-19: General Practice Continuity Checklist Guide, breaks down the key things a practice will need to do to assess its situation and plan for survival, or in some cases, exit. The guide is mostly in an infographic format for ease of communication.”

Where to from here?

Now is the time to stay in touch with your accountant and experienced specialist healthcare practice advisors.

For a free survival 101 guide, which click HERE

So you can answer these important questions.

4th April 2020 

How GP Practices can positively respond to the COVID19 crisis

Risk Assessment – questions you need to ask yourself now!

  • How can I keep staff morale up?
  • How can I keep everyone safe we have no or little access to protective equipment?
  • We need an emergency checklist plan? Where can I get one from?
  • Can I afford to keep my doors open? Patients no longer visiting the practice? Do we need so many face to face staff as we have no appointments? What should we do?
  • How can my up to date healthcare experienced registered tax agent accountant access up to $100,000 financial relief and more?
  • My pathology company due to low pathology referrals wants to terminate my lease what should I do? What about my other tenants who rely on GP referrals?
  • What does Fair Work say about reducing staffing hours or changing roles?
  • Reduce unnecessary but important workloads. How can I outsource e.g. cost-effective peace of mind book keeping to a registered and experienced and up to date healthcare tax agent to access government financial relief fast?
  • What systems do I need so we can reduce face to face meetings that are cost-effective,peace of mind, easy to install either DIY or with support?
  • What happens if I get sick? Updating your will and friendly creditor arrangements? Who will take over and how?
  • Who can I call who is across all these issues and is keeping up to date? Can they supervise us or nudge us along in case we miss anything?


For more practical financial, systems, doctor and patient information visit our checklist and register for our upcoming webinar click HERE.

National Webinar

We appreciate your feedback and any links or ideas we can share. We will be holding a free national “Practice Continuity” webinar on this guide with clinical, legal experts and practices experienced in their field to provide more information.

Live updates

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