What Type of Client are You? Consulting or Accounting Client?

The answer to this question depends on What Type Do You Need or services you need. This will determine if you are a Consulting Client or a Consulting, Accounting and Tax Client. Don’t worry we can work this out for you at your free and no obligation teleconference.



What Do You Need?

New Practice or  Restructuring Required
No Practice Restructuring Required

Implementation Time Table

The following explains and summarises whether you need our services and what type of services you may require. We have also prepared estimated chronological order time tables on how we provide our service to you. This can be used as a quick cheat sheet.

Don’t be overwhelmed, we do most of the work with your practice staff. This keeps your costs and time involvement to a minimum. We provide monthly project completion updates.

These services apply to Annual Consulting, Accounting & Taxation Clients only

1. New Practice or Restructuring Pathway – One Off Up to 18 Months to Complete

2.   No Practice Restructuring Pathway

Read on what type of services you need.