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If you are seriously considering the positive benefits of a practice restructure or changing accountants who better understand your needs, we hope when you click on this link it will help.

Item WhenWhat is on your mind?     Who   Solution
1Now“Do You Want To Eat Well Sleep Well?”The world of achievement belongs to the optimist.  To be optimistic is simple you just need to be positive and be able to see what you want to achieve and have a realistic plan. Read on about our no obligation consult.youRead on… No Obligation ConsultRead on… Our Guarantee on Fees and ServicesRead on… You

Read on… Practice TipsRead on… Strategic vision for the future – A vision built to last!

  “How is your financial health?”If you don’t know where you are you don’t know where to go next. Find out by clicking on Where are you on the Personal and Practice/Business Lifecycle? on the Health and Life website. Read on… Where are you on the personal and practice/business life cycle?
   If you own a practice or business the main purpose is to be able to sell it for a fair value one day. This is your biggest nest egg that funds your biggest debt called retirement! Read on…How Much Do I Need to Retire?
   Using our sustainable and socially responsible best practice principles you will reduce any unnecessary worry in running your affairs or practice. Financial literacy is the key. Read on…Health and Life’s Best Practice Indicators
  “Tired of things not going to plan?”Start working on and not in your practice. If you own or manage a practice for Practice Tips  read hyperlink to Practice Tips Read on…Practice TipsRead on... Frequently Asked Practice Management Problems 

Read on… How to Implement Change

  “Want to Work Smarter and not harder?”  Read on…Practice TipsRead on… Processes and Systems – working smarter not harder
2Now“Do you or the most influential people around you fear change?”To find out practical tips on “Overcoming the 5 Fears of Change”  and  how to inspire others to change with you read on “Overcoming the 5 Fears of Change”YouRead on… Overcoming The 5 Fears Of Change
3NowDo you have the time to fix your problem?If you are not happy that you are meeting your goals, the worst thing is to do nothing and start making excuses.YouRead on… Effective Time Management
  Is it really a priority?Effective time management strategies are critical  
  In less than two hours our ideas if implemented will significantly raise the value of your practice and/or reduces your risks and any unnecessary worry using our sustainable and socially responsible practice model.The answer is simple determine what are the most things to you and make it a high priority.For the most valuable information you will ever hear and peace of mind, this process usually takes no more than 2 hours of your practices time including the video telephone conference and is at no cost or obligation to you Read on… No Obligation Consult Our Guarantee on Fees and Services
4NowCan you trust us?Visit our website and see our 20 year track record, testimonials and case studies and national press articles and publications and fee and service guarantee. See our Active and Passive monitoring programYouRead on… Can You Trust Us?
5NowWork Out What You Want to Achieve including succession planning if you own or about to own a practice or businessVisit why you do what you do and where are you on the personal & practice lifecycle section on our website. Also visit practice tips read onhyperlink Practice Tips. This helps see the big picture is not all about financial securityYouRead on… Practice TipsRead on… YouRead on… Frequently Asked Practice Management Problems
6A couple of days laterRequest a no obligation confidential on line interactive video teleconference to arrange a review of your plans, financial statements, structures and agreements or email us.Contact Health and Life by email or telephone with a brief outline of your query and we will issue out a request for further information if necessary and confirm a teleconference with all owners of the practice and invited guestsYouRead on… No Obligation Consult
71 week laterHow much do you need to earn so you can retire and achieve what want to achieve?Use personal financial calculatorComplete retirement and personal budget calculator on this website. Read on… How Much Do I Need to Retire?
83 to 6 weeks laterAttend video teleconference to discuss your practice issues. Significant decision makers must attendThis is a free meeting up to two hours. This can be recorded for parties that cannot attend, conditions apply. Recommendation’s   are made at the meeting. Including discussion of our fees Read on… No Obligation Consult
91 week laterHealth and Life issues brief written advice and quoteThis is a ballpark quote for restructuring your affairs and annual accounting and compliance costs  
10Usually up to 3 monthsEmail confirmation acceptance or rejection of the quote to become either Consulting client or a Consulting, Accounting and Taxation ClientWe will do a courtesy follow up. This process takes time you may wish to consult your existing advisers. What type of client you are depends on the type of work that needs to be completed  
11ImmediateUpon acceptance of quote a detailed engagement letter issued for signingA detailed engagement letter is signed and the engagement commences with up to 5 H&L staff allocated to your practice. See who’s really looking after you? Read on… Who is Really Looking After You?