Why do we provide a free of charge consult which includes a review of your key practice documents which includes a no obligation review of your key practice documents?

Practice Tips – Identifying your key opportunities and concerns

It is important for you to understand what help you do and don’t need. In this section we have provided a self-evaluation checklist on Practice Tips that help you to quickly identify and prioritise the issues that keep you awake at night.

Making a Decision to Use Health and Life

This will help you work out what you need from us and how we can help you.

For a quick checklist of things you need to think about before contacting us, go to Decision Making Timetable – Your Decision To Use Health & Life. Get rid of the handbrake of doubt – from today double practice profits/efficiency and work fewer hours.

No charge or obligation anywhere in Australia face to face (via an interactive internet based meeting.

If you are a practitioner or practice manager, or from a healthcare organisation, association or a pharmaceutical company, why not contact us if you would like to use our services to solve any problems at your practice or to address your next event. If you are a provider with a problem and no longer wish to live in a bubble or take short cuts that only make matters worse and would rather deal with facts rather than feelings, then contact us. Do you have problems in your practice? Do you hear the following from patients, staff, doctors or dentists:

right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated We don’t understand our financial statement. rightimage_doyouneedus
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated How can cash shortages have occurred?
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated I’m paying too much tax.
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated My doctor never listens or explains.
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated I have no time for my family.
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated My overheads are too high.
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated I am worried about litigation.
right-arrow-icon-blue-isolated Who will buy my practice when I retire?

As owners, you spend 80% of your time in your practice, representing 90-100% of your lifetime earnings. Your practice is your biggest investment in your future financial and personal well-being and you therefore need to work smarter and not harder.  The art of successful medical and dental practice management is to exercise quiet but firm control, supported by clear guidelines, systems and checking procedures, good staff selection and training, communication, responsibility, self-discipline and sensible conduct. The key to success is to establish and implement sound accounting and practice management systems early, to eliminate inefficiencies, raise practice morale, and ultimately your bottom line.  The secret to effective administration is that it must be tailored to the size and functions of the practice. The management pyramid needs to be properly balanced, with neither too many staff at the top nor too few at the bottom – a situation that could easily lead to inefficiencies and staff burnout.  Identify the areas relevant to you and you may well find that an hour of your time today could save you thousands tomorrow. Contact us on 1800 077 222 (free call). Our service is tax deductible.

For more information about Arranging a meeting with Health and Life, click here.

If you are not happy that you are meeting your goals, the worst thing is to do nothing. Go to the Timetable Checklist – Do You Really Need Us?

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About me: David Dahm BA (Acc.), CA., FCPA, CTA, FFin, CPM, FAAPM, FAIM, FGLF.

Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser, Registered Tax Agent, Former AGPAL Surveyor 10 years of service

David Dahm is CEO and founder of the national medical and healthcare chartered accounting firm Health and Life and global Founder and CEO of the not for profit project the International Healthcare Standards and Ethics Board (www.ihseb.org)

After a serious work related car accident in 1989, and nine operations later I continue to be a patient and provider advocate. I enter my third decade as a national Chartered Accountant for Medical and Healthcare practices in Australia. I am a former 10-year Australian General Practice Accreditation surveyor. I come from a medico family. I have served on the AAPM national Board and was the inaugural national Chair of the Certified Practice Manager CPM post nominal. I continue to provide accounting tax and practice management advice to many practices all over Australia.

You know who you are and I thank you for this real honour and privilege to serve you and your community through you. Note, I am not a lawyer please seek appropriate legal and accounting advice. This information is for general information and discussion only.