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If you’re happy, you or the practice’s email consent is to be sent with the quote and then we issue an engagement letter to sign before any work commences.

The practice’s key decision is determining whether you would like to become a Consulting, Accounting and Taxation client which provides discounted fees, ongoing practice mentoring and free designated training programs or a Consulting client for any one off projects. Generally it is more cost effective and more efficient for Health and Life to act as your practice group accountant to avoid the double handling of any matters between your professional advisors. For this and insurance reasons, our consulting fees are unavoidably higher for Consulting only clients.

Arranging a meeting with Health and Life is for free and as long as you need….


Are you a Consulting Client or a Consulting, Accounting and Tax Client?

At this point you can decide whether you would like to become a Consulting, Accounting and Taxation client or just a Consulting client. In this section we detail what you can expect from us when you take either pathway. This section details the different types of steps and peace of mind services we can offer you.

The major reasons why clients take us on is because they require a significant restructure or need to set up a new practice and we detail this process below.

What is the difference between the two pathways?

Terms of Engagement

As part of our ongoing commitment to Accounting and Ethical Professional Standards it is mandatory for us under APES 305 to communicate the terms of engagement with you.  Therefore, this document confirms our on going understanding of the terms of engagement and the nature and limitations of the services that we provide.

Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Terms of Engagement