We are directed by you to undertake specific tasks on a needs basis.


Your team will consist of a lead principal and assistant consultant.



The limitations of this service is the lack of continuity and if work is outside the projects specifications because it has not been anticipated at the initial briefing, it may or may not meet the expected outcome.

For this reason and for insurance reasons, the cost of this service is unavoidably at a premium. Some clients prefer this approach prior to committing to a full suite of services.


Consulting, Accounting and Tax Client Only Benefit Pathway*

*This package is not available to the Consulting Client Benefit Pathway.

In response to clients demanding a broader range of services to overcome the limitations faced by consulting clients, we offer a fully comprehensive service covering consulting, accounting and taxation services as a complete package. Included in this package you will receive:



Automated and customised video training library

Free 24hr access to tailored training videos for your practice as well as access to our national webinar series. This will save your practice significant time and money in training new and existing staff.


Free practice coaching – monthly practice performance feedback.

Your practice manager emails our Monthly Dashboard report that you also receive for a brief complimentary review. We will provide quick verbal feedback on how you are travelling.


One Free practice individual productivity survey per annum

This is to assess staff efficiency and productivity. This survey is used to detect at risk staff.

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