We are a large firm based in Adelaide SA. 

Five dedicated staff are allocated to each client. At the time of engagement of our services, a courtesy email will be sent informing you of these key contacts.

Lead Principal Consultant

Is the director: the buck stops here. Only gets involved with complex issues. Most work can be undertaken by your practice staff and the following advisors below.

Lead Accountant

Is responsible for the day to day management of your account or any issues you may have. They act as the primary contact , however clients are always encouraged to contact the lead principal consultant by email or phone if they are experiencing any difficulties.

Shadow Accountant

Is the understudy for all your work. They sit in the background assisting with the restructuring process especially when the lead accountant is not available.

Assistant Consultant

Assists the lead principal consultant and the lead accountant in relation to execution of agreements and following up contractual matters.

Corporate secretarial

Is responsible for any changes to your legal and tax structure when the notification of the Australian Securities Commission is required e.g. the issuing of new shares or changing of home addresses when directors move home. Failure to notify a change of your home address attracts a financial penalty of $200 so this is a very important role and assists clients to comply with these legal obligations.

To ensure there is effective communication, we encourage clients to provide a brief email on what the matter is so we can respond appropriately to any concerns. A teleconference may not always be required. It does depend on the nature of the matter. We will advise accordingly because sometimes a simple problem can be more complicated than you think and the opposite is also true.

  • Passive and Active Monitoring
  • Client feedback response policy

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