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Australia’s leading healthcare consulting, accounting and taxation firm.

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive accounting and practice management advice and services exclusively to the medical, dental, allied healthcare professions and elite sports people.

The founder, David Dahm, comes from a medical family, many of whom are doctors in private practice. This exposed him to the common difficulties doctors experienced while running their practices. Acknowledging these problems, in 1991 Australia’s first comprehensive accounting and practice management advisory firm was established. Based on its significant practice management expertise, we have developed a unique practice management program called Practice Management Beyond 2000TM. This program has now evolved into The World’s Best Practice 2010 series.

We also provide financial planning services. Our staff include Certified Practising Accountants, members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Australian Association of Practice Managers. They include a former AGPAL surveyor and ex-Medicare staff.

Terms of Engagement

As part of our ongoing commitment to Accounting and Ethical Professional Standards it is mandatory for us under APES 305 to communicate the terms of engagement with you.  Therefore, this document confirms our on going understanding of the terms of engagement and the nature and limitations of the services that we provide.


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