A New Breed of Practice Manager

What you may not know?Eight of our Clients are 2013 National State Finalists and Winners!

We are proud to have been working for eight of the practices/individuals that have either been named State or national finalist or a national winner at a recent International Healthcare Conference.

The full winners and finalist list that we could get our hands on are listed at the bottom of this article. Two that we can share with you are:

Helen Siegertsz – National Practice Manager of the Year

Owner/ Director and Practice Manager at Flagstaff Hill Medical Centre was named the Australian

Association of Practice Managers National Practice Manager of the Year

For her story read Medical Observer article

Dr Peter Spafford – NT GP of the Year

Dr Peter Spafford was named the Northern Territory’s GP of the Year by the Royal Australian College

of General Practice. Dr Spafford  works as a GP in remote areas of the NT for eight years before

opening Gorge Health Clinic in Katherine. His lovely wife Judy Spafford was a State SA Finalist

For his story read Katherine Times article

We are very excited for all of you and wanted to dedicate this news letter to our clients and share their experience with you.

Many of our clients are State and National award winning practices that have achieved remarkable results from being named General Practice of the Year to GP of the Year. They have continued to become some of Australia’s most influential practices in the media and amongst their peers.

We have been setting up new practices and re-structuring existing practices in Australia for over 21 years.  One thing all our clients and winners share in common is they have the right attitude.

This gives them the confidence to make a decision and move forward which is the very key to their success.

These are the three common traits they share that made them an Award winning success.

So who are the 2013 Finalists and Winners and what made them  successful?!

Unfortunately due to confidentiality reasons we cannot tell who they all are unless they tell you. So instead of naming each practice or individual we have just listed all the State and National Finalist and winners we are aware of. Let us know if we have missed you.

Helen Seiz

Download the winners and finalist list 2013 Finalists and Winners from the AGPAL Conference 2013 v.1.pdf

1. They Inspire OthersThey want to change the world. The greatest staff motivator. You cannot be a leader if you do not have followers. One thing they all share is an AMBITION for excellence that embraces their local community and not just themselves. They have an ability to look beyond the next patient to what could our practice look like (say in 5 years) for the good of the many and not just the few.  The share their compelling “why” they do what they do story.  It drives a razor sharp focus on what really matters to everyone both inside and outside of their world. They do not live in a bubble and engage others.

Each owner started by believing in themselves, establishing an inspiring vision for others to follow. People followed because they wanted to, not because they had to.

They defined and reminded people they were part of a meaningful and a greater purpose beyond themselves. This is followed up by actions and not just well intended words. They have focused on delivering a result and not just a good feeling.

This type of work environment breeds the very life blood that drives a strong and inspiring work culture and ethic. They think “we” and not “I”. They feel they are part of a team with a shared vision for the future that is built to last.

The owners and staff selflessly coach, enable others to do the same. They will make the tough decisions to achieve their vision. This keeps them exciting, innovative, ethical and sustainable that can only attract like the next generation of minded people.


2. They acknowledge it is impossible to be an expert at everything
Successful owners and managers understand that there is not enough time to be an expert or experienced at everything. They delegate but verify.They still can achieve remarkable success you do not have to be extraordinary, well experienced or an expert.

They have found you do not need a Harvard MBA, or be a Philadelphia lawyer or a CPA/Chartered Accountant. Nor do you need 20 years in a top 100 company. In fact none of our clients have all of these traits or experiences in-house but it is at their finger tip. There are not enough hours in a day to be good at everything. They define what needs to be done delegate to reliable staff and reliable advisers. They have good systems to that monitor the outcome, without the need to micro manage the detail.


3. They patiently learn from failureOur successful clients are authentic and self reflective. They have the courage to be authentic and willing to learn which is why they achieve remarkable results.

There is no room for “egos”. They believe in working smarter and not harder, by asking the right questions first and not necessarily anxious for the right answers. They are prepared to change and make mistakes. With great humility they are prepared to learn from their own mistakes and do something about it, where many are to afraid to.

They recognise often it is the little things that make the Big Difference.  They are efficient learners. They capture and leverage from this information with better documented systems and real time dissemination of information training that holds everyone accountable.

They don’t fear failure. They fear failing to adapt to an ever changing environment.

It is lonely at the top. They network with people who are in the know that have been there and done that. This makes a huge difference to their confidence, courage and ability to affect change.

They appreciate learning from other people’s mistakes is a lot cheaper. Networking with the industry is critical to their success. Many are happy to share their journey with you. You ask how?  They picked up the phone or emailed somebody who they thought who could help point them in the right direction. They do not waste time and money re-inventing the wheel, the just make a better ones…! You have an enormous list of successful people at the bottom of this email you could easily reach out to. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with just one call.

To be an overnight success, it takes years.

It needs time, courage and patience. Yes, things will go wrong. In fact, in a time of great change more things will go wrong than right (get used to it!), even with best of plans and advice. Our clients do remember it is a marathon and not a 100m sprint. Instant gratification never yields a long lasting result. Just long lasting pain. It is more important to do the right thing, the right way the first time when you can.

A fear of getting it wrong or just do nothing is not an option. Unlike wine, a problem does not go away and it can only get worse with time and possibly mess up your entire vintage.

Remarkable results come from a lot of hard work. Carefully lay down your foundations and the building blocks of your house together. Your people are the mortar between the bricks. They are glue that keeps it all together. It is hard work, but our clients have found there can be a big pay off and enduring benefits if you do things properly with right attitude from the beginning, and stick at it.

 “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein