Doctors Pay Calculator

Over 25 years in service Over 1,000+ users Only Chartered Accountant and nationally registered tax agent developed and approved Cloud service available Easily keep track of all your signed provider contracts ARE YOU BEING PAID CORRECTLY? Introducing Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator Does your practice provide the following information so you can prepare your BAS […]

1st July 2020 1.75% Award pay rise or freeze?

Think carefully Did you know that on the 1st July 2020 your staff may be legally entitled up to a 1.75 % pay rise? Just ensure you have carefully considered the future of the practice. Then make sure you have a current agreement with your amazing staff in writing. You cannot afford to make an irreversible strategic […]

Are your medical records exposed without your consent?

90% of Australians have agreed to have their private health records online! Despite the controversial headlines such as My Health Record: clinics receiving up to $50,000 a year in incentives and  My health record  opt out doubles to 2.5 million people  My Health Record has met a key default milestone. Yes, 90% of Australians have […]

More Audits and Unsustainable Compliance!

We predict more Government audits for 2019 and beyond! We expect an increase in ATO audits over the next 12 months after seeing a spike in taxpayers details being linked (data matched) to the Tax Office’s databases. Furthermore there will be new 1st July 2019  harsh laws that stop legitimate payroll tax deductions if you […]

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Mentoring students Wahab Salami with David Dahm CEO and Founder of Health and Life ‘Integrity Defines Success’   ‘Integrity Defines Success’ David Pridham and David Dahm at the University of South Australia’s (Great)Pridham Hall Opening. David Dahm three wise words are ‘Integrity Defines Success’. This was officially with many others etched on the ‘Inverted Pyramid. For […]

New Tax sting: Is your practice running like a brothel?

A Brothel has to pay GST, withholding tax in cash economy case. A high-end brothel will have to pay more than $6 million after an unsuccessful bid to avoid tax and GST obligations relating to its sex workers. Purely from an accounting and taxation viewpoint we examine the key issues. Those who would like to […]

2019 New Medicare Laws expose practices to fraudulent billing

Practices may now be liable for their provider’s billings. From 1st July 2019, medical and healthcare practice owners must be careful when incentivising their doctors or allied health professionals using the percentage of their gross fees method, or any other similar method. A possible risk is if a provider ‘dobs in’ a practice to escape […]

New Tax Office Warning – your practice could be facing a double risk?!

Breaking news : Watch out doctors ATO takes aim! I raised this news story with the Medical Observer last week and it made the headlines see: and Unfortunately, if your doctors or practitioners are affected by the recent Federal Tax Office announcement then your practice may be simultaneously exposed to a significant payroll tax […]

1st July 2014 new Award pay rise or freeze and more?!

The budget has a number of overwhelming changes that could seriously impact your practice. Here we cover the two most important ones, and provide a practice solution for your organisation. On the 1st July 2014 wage rates should be increased by 3% p.a. For practices that predominantly receive the Medicare Benefit Schedule rebate, the rebate has been frozen […]