2019 New Medicare Laws expose practices to fraudulent billing

Practices may now be liable for their provider’s billings. From 1st July 2019, medical and healthcare practice owners must be careful when incentivising their doctors or allied health professionals using the percentage of their gross fees method, or any other similar method. A possible risk is if a provider ‘dobs in’ a practice to escape […]

Greedy Doctors?!

Fast Medicine puts your health at risk! Is this fair? Can you imagine if your boss told you “Your wages will be frozen for the next 4 years and your hours will be cut by 20%” while the cost of electricity, groceries and other living will continue to increase by 3% p.a. (Breaking news: It was announced […]

BREAKING NEWS – Federal Health Minister offers your GP a lifeline!

Breaking news! Federal Health Minister offers your GP a lifeline! The national media have reported that the Federal Health Minister is open to doctors charging an “additional fee” when a patient is bulk billed. This provides practices an excellent opportunity to overcome a six year Medicare freeze (the first Medicare freeze commenced in 2013). We […]

New Tax Office Warning – your practice could be facing a double risk?!

Breaking news : Watch out doctors ATO takes aim! I raised this news story with the Medical Observer last week and it made the headlines see: http://www.medicalobserver.com.au/news/frypan-to-fire-tax-traps-for-gps and http://www.medicalobserver.com.au/news/watch-out-docs-ato-takes-aim. Unfortunately, if your doctors or practitioners are affected by the recent Federal Tax Office announcement then your practice may be simultaneously exposed to a significant payroll tax […]

BREAKING NEWS – “David, should I fire my young GP Registrar?!”

Breaking News – Latest update 1st March 2015 We continue to express concern about the viability of training positions, that the new 2015 national minimum terms and conditions impose on practices. All GP registrars must now be employed. We note the 2015 national minimum terms and conditions wages are on average 30% higher than the Award. Special Fair Work […]


Annual Taxation, Accounting, Consulting, and FInancial Outsourcing (including bookkeeping) Services Introduction Thank you for your instructions to attend the Annual Taxation, Accounting, Consulting and Financial Outsourcing Services requirements for your business entities and for your family. A list of the entities and individuals for whom we are to act (the Group) is set out in […]

Five signs of a well-run practice or business

Evidenced-based practice or business management works; take out the guesswork in running your practice or business with proven and cost-effective internationally best practice tools and techniques! Every practice or business owner wants their business to thrive, but it can be tough to keep the money coming in the door while staying on top of all […]

2019 National Xero Community Partner Award Winner and Could Champion Finalist

Thank you to Amanda Newton and Trent Innes for recognising our work as national Cloud Champion Finalists in our healthcare sector. But more on this later! Most importantly, we also thank them for recognising us as a national Community Partner of the Year Award Winner for our global pro-bono work in creating an independent non-for-profit […]