Doctors Pay Calculator

Over 25 years in service Over 1,000+ users Only Chartered Accountant and nationally registered tax agent developed and approved Cloud service available Easily keep track of all your signed provider contracts ARE YOU BEING PAID CORRECTLY? Introducing Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator The Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator ™ is a cloud software solution that simplifies […]

1st July 2020 1.75% Award pay rise or freeze?

Think carefully Did you know that on the 1st July 2020 your staff may be legally entitled up to a 1.75 % pay rise? Just ensure you have carefully considered the future of the practice. Then make sure you have a current agreement with your amazing staff in writing. You cannot afford to make an irreversible strategic […]

More Audits and Unsustainable Compliance!

We predict more Government audits for 2019 and beyond! We expect an increase in ATO audits over the next 12 months after seeing a spike in taxpayers details being linked (data matched) to the Tax Office’s databases. Furthermore there will be new 1st July 2019  harsh laws that stop legitimate payroll tax deductions if you […]

2019 New Medicare Laws expose practices to fraudulent billing

Practices may now be liable for their provider’s billings. From 1st July 2019, medical and healthcare practice owners must be careful when incentivising their doctors or allied health professionals using the percentage of their gross fees method, or any other similar method. A possible risk is if a provider ‘dobs in’ a practice to escape […]

Greedy Doctors?!

Fast Medicine puts your health at risk! Is this fair? Can you imagine if your boss told you “Your wages will be frozen for the next 4 years and your hours will be cut by 20%” while the cost of electricity, groceries and other living will continue to increase by 3% p.a. (Breaking news: It was announced […]

BREAKING NEWS – “David, should I fire my young GP Registrar?!”

Breaking News – Latest update 1st March 2015 We continue to express concern about the viability of training positions, that the new 2015 national minimum terms and conditions impose on practices. All GP registrars must now be employed. We note the 2015 national minimum terms and conditions wages are on average 30% higher than the Award. Special Fair Work […]


For any products such as software and practice template licences below for establishing a new structure or restructuring an existing structure and fixed fee professional services. We will quote you the appropriate fee for your practice. (all prices are exclusive of GST). Products   Software Programs Doctors Pay Calculator Software (Accounting Clients only) Licence Fee […]


2.3.1 What bookkeeping services do we offer? Our team are experienced and apply Best Practice principles across the full end-to-end bookkeeping and compliance functions.   As a broad overview for a business entity these functions will form the core capability of your dedicated resources    Function Specific Bookkeeping Maintain and manage general and sub-ledger accounts in […]

Fixed Fee Financial outsourcing of your bookkeeping and or accounting  – NEW!

If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it! Australian first for healthcare practices a new way to lower your overheads and improve profitability. What are the three important things people want in life? Go big, boutique or broke by tackling two of your greatest stresses There are three important things people want in life: That […]