How much is my practice worth?

This article has been published in the Medical Republic 9/3/2021 – Find article here I have been asked this question more times than I have had hot dinners.  This has increased in recent times given GP practice acquisition race is on again and eye watering prices are being paid! ! If you own a General Practice […]

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an ethical responsibility in which each individual at Health and Life are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. We take this responsibility seriously and go beyond what we do is important to us and the community you serve . We demonstrate […]

Could your business do with a cash flow boost?

The two cash flow boosts provided by the federal government to help businesses deal with the COVID-19 emergency have largely been overshadowed by the JobKeeper program, but they could provide valuable financial support to organisations that qualify.  Some businesses may have already noticed refund payments or tax credits appear in their tax account.  With the […]

Outsourcing the hard stuff!

Outsourcing is a better solution – 10 great reasons why. Increasingly it is getting harder to find and retain talented and experienced people. At the same time, technology is evolving so fast it is making many hard-earned skills redundant overnight. This may not concern you much, until it gives your competitors a competitive edge – […]

1st July 2014 new Award pay rise or freeze and more?!

The budget has a number of overwhelming changes that could seriously impact your practice. Here we cover the two most important ones, and provide a practice solution for your organisation. On the 1st July 2014 wage rates should be increased by 3% p.a. For practices that predominantly receive the Medicare Benefit Schedule rebate, the rebate has been frozen […]


APPENDIX 2.1 CONSULTING SERVICES PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SERVICES 2.1.1 Full Practice Assessments GST Planning  Strategic Management Marketing Legal and Taxation Structure Computerisation Maximising revenue and minimising costs Office Management and Efficiencies Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations 2.1.2 Long-Range Planning Project firm’s growth and future needs Develop and analyse costs of new areas and potential mergers […]


ABOUT HEALTH AND LIFE – WHY ARE WE UNIQUE? We are a multi-award-winning firm which includes the 2014 Owner Manager of the Year and 2011 Telstra Awards. To our knowledge, there is no other company offering the same range of services and support to doctors in Australia. We believe in “hands-on management” depending on each […]

Fair Work National Underpayment of Wages Phone Audit Blitz! Risk a $54,000 fine?!

Fair Work National Underpayment of Wages Phone Audit Blitz! Risk a $54,000 fine?! Practices risk a fine up to $54,000 per breach. Time poor practices who do not keep their documentation up to date are at risk. Paying above the Award rate is not enough. Fair Work Australia are randomly calling practice staff i.e. your […]

New 2.5 % Staff Award Pay Rise from 1st July 2015?!

1st July 2015 new 2.5% Award pay rise or freeze and more?! Did you know that on the 1st July 2015 your staff may be legally entitled up to a 2.5 % pay rise? Note the industrial general Award increase was 2.5%. It is important to refer to the specific Awards below some payments are up to 3%. […]