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National JobKeeper Webinar

Proudly hosted by The Medical Republic about JobKeeper

Medical and Healthcare Practices – your JobKeeper questions answered! For more information click here.

On Thursday the 14th of May, 7:30 pm AEST, we will be hosted by the Medical Republic to speak about how your Practice might qualify for JobKeeper and recent important changes to how the ATO views typical practice structures in the context of JobKeeper, and the basics on qualification for the payments. GP Practices and doctors could be missing out on more than $100,000 in government support through JobKeeper payments. You could be eligible even if you think you are not. 

Let us know in advance and register for our Live Webinar here. Get in quick, already 60 seats taken.

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as featured in the Medical Republic article 9 APRIL 2020 Six vital steps to take if your practice is in COVID-19 distress.