After 25 years of working as medical practitioners, my brother and I began to imagine and plan how we were going to wind down and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Since the mid 1970s we had operated clinic and while we were looking to slow down our involvement in the day-to-day running of the practices, we were not prepared to just sell up and handover all that we had developed over the years.

Around this time I was fortunate to have heard David Dahm speak at a conference and he immediately impressed me with the ideas and insights on how to manage and structure a practice.


Times were changing within the profession and attracting the right GPs and retaining them was becoming more difficult as more opportunities were opening up for young and ambitious doctors.

In 2002, we built a multi-discipline Medical Centre.It was then we realised that our existing structures and accounting procedures were not capable of taking us into the future.

We had long held the idea that we wanted to work less but the reality was we were working harder than ever before.

That was until we engaged David who quickly taught us to work smarter which in turn enabled us to grow and strengthen our practice without relinquishing our dream to start enjoying life outside the practice.

Importantly, the procedures, methods and practices David implemented enabled us to create a practice that not only attracted the right professionals, but made it attractive enough for them to want to invest in our practice.


Through his advice, the centre has grown from 2.5 doctors to the present 15 working out of 15 consulting rooms.

We now also provide Dental, Podiatry, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Pharmacy and Pathology Collection Centre as well as a range of other Specialist medical services.

It has been through the advice that David has given us on financial planning, on business accounting and leasing, that we have been able to run an efficient and well structured practice.

Naturally the ultimate beneficiaries are our patients who have access to a comprehensive, professionally delivered range of medical services that our medical centre can offer.

I totally recommend the services of Health and Life under the control of David Dahm.

Managing Principal 

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