How do ordinary people achieve their dreams?

Kaarle McCulloch
London 2012 Bronze Medal Olympian & World Champion

Firstly they are aspirational and ethical. We support women because many go unrecognised for their talent, hard work and sacrifice. It is not only important to believe in yourself but for others to believe in you.

Yes we do back the underdog because it is not about if but when they succeed. They are simply inspiring and we believe in them because of their humility.

They understand there is a big J Curve in life with many setbacks in order to succeed. Nobody hands it to you on a platter. They don’t make excuses, they own the problem. Their actions do speak louder than their words.  Success is about having the right attitude. How badly do you want it?

Here are some great examples of people and organisation’s that have approached us. They have made their dreams come true.

2009 Netballer Lisa Wilson and Health and Life Oakdale State Netball Club – Premiership Winners

2010 Adelaide Thunderbirds – Trans Tasman Winner

2012 Kaarle McCulloch 2012 Bronze Olympic Medalist & World Champion – Health and Life Sports Scholarship

AAPM – Launched the first National Certified Practice Manager Program in Australia

“It only takes just one moment to change your world”

The Foundation is focussed on adolescent children aged from 10 to 18 and people living in socially disadvantaged areas. The objective is to break the cycle of poverty in socially challenged areas.

Why Give Back?

What is the purpose of life?

CEO & Founder of Health and Life David Dahm‘s early experiences in India as a child are not dissimilar to those people depicted in the video. Giving back to the community has become David’s primary focus. He sees education is at the very core of fighting poverty and ill health health. Read on.

Women play a critical role in reducing poverty and many other anti-social behaviours in society. The women of Haiti have proven this so. Aid was successfully redistributed without men. This was a significant problem until women received protection and support from the Government.

Closer to home, the Australian ethos is to give everyone a fair go and mateship. We support many local and global community programs with pro bono work, and financially, that have a focus on Financial and Health Literacy Awareness.

Getting the message out is the key. The One Moment Foundation is our own charity we have established to channel our efforts through. An effective community message vehicle is through community netball, where an incredible 95% of all women have played this sport in Australia. There is a strong focus on youngsters to keep fit and healthy though out their life.

Finally, there is the Australian Association of Practice Managers. Practice managers are the air traffic controllers of all community practices like your local doctor. They have access to the providers who have access to you. So one day we hope you will hear about this work we do to make our world a better place to live.

Charity begins at home, you need to help yourself first before you can help others.

(It is interesting to note that before take off, the flight attendants always say, “When the little yellow oxygen masks drop down for you, please take a breath, before you help the kid siting next to you.” – Just some food for thought ?!)