2012 Kaarle McCulloch 2012 Bronze Olympic Medalist & World Champion


Kaarle first approached us to do her tax return. Why because she “liked our values”. After getting to know her, we found she was a hard working and a down to earth person who was following her dream, we decided to help her out because we believe she has what it has got to take it it to the very top of her game.

Recently she help raise $100,000 for kids in Pt Augusta in South Australia. She is a great role model and we are very proud of her.

Watch this space. She is going for GOLD in Rio 2016. She is one the top of her class with a 2012 World Champonship under her belt. She has the tenacity to take to go all the way and did a great job for an Olypmic birth and medal at the London Games.

Kaarle is the Health and Life Sports Scholarship  Inaugural recipient for the One Moment Foundation.

For more about Kaarle check out her website.