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May 2018 –The Royal Commission: cannot legislate good behaviour, so how do you protect yourself?
December 2017 – Your Medical Records Exposed… Confirmed!
September 2016 – Reminder 2.4 % Staff Award Pay Rise from 1st July
April 2016 – Australia’s Most Trusted Doctor
Feb 2016 – Your Private Medical Condition Exposed?!
Oct 2015 – Doctors set up to fail?! The evidence so far…!
Jun 2015 – New 3% Staff Award Pay Rise from 1st July 2015?!
May 2015 – 2015 Budget: Tips and Traps!
April 2015 – 2015 New Employee v Contractor Tax Audits!
Mar 2015 – BREAKING NEWS – Federal Health Minister offers your GP a lifeline!
Mar 2015 – Dumped $5 GP copay! It is not over yet!
Oct 2014 – Can you trust your doctor?

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Most Read Articles (2018)

  1. How to opt out of the Government’s national electronic health record now
  2. Health Engine Patient Data scandal; what should you do next?
  3. 2018 Historic Doctors/Providers Payroll Tax warning!
  4. Practices facing tough penalties for MBS abuse
  5. 1st July 2018 3.5% Award pay rise or freeze revisited!
  6. What am I doing wrong? How does a practice keep up with practice overheads and continue to provide quality patient care?
  7. Medicare Audit Anxiety is hurting patient care; High Court Challenge – Thank you Julian Burnside QC –complete this survey

Most Read Articles (2017)

  1. Tax nightmare looms healthcare homes
  2. Disease challenge April 2017  – the need for standards
  3. David Dahm’s innovative solution to prevent ‘bullying’  international healthcare standards and his views on the ethics board was cited in the American Journal of Physicians and Surgeons December 2016
  4. David is interviewed on top practice tips you can implement.
  5. How can we teach and monitor trainee doctors better?


Most Read Articles (2016)

  1. 5 Tips to take from dentists!
  2. 5 ideas to beat the freeze and boost your income!
  3. My Health Worse
  4. How to survive the big Medicare squeeze
  5. Rent (pathology) is about supply and demand
  6. GP Staff cold called in pay and conditions audit


1.  Effective and Efficient Decision Making

2.  How to run a practice!

How to Cope with the Tsunami of Change (Part 1)

How to Cope with the Tsunami of Change (Part 2)


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Professional Service Review (PSR) Federal Senate Enquiry 2011

1.   We were right! The Australian reports Bungling medical watchdog on critical list 28.12.2011.

2.   The final 2011 Federal PSR Senate enquiry agrees and recommends 4 out of 5 of Health and Life
recommendations (see 1.2). David Dahm attend pro bono the Senate hearings in Canberra and
faced 6 Senators he was quoted for his comments see page 16 PSR Senate report.pdf in relation
to Medicare rorting. The full Hansard report find on “David Dahm” for comments (note despite our
attempts to correct inaccurate quotes they have not been changed at the time of publication).
Hansard – PSR.pdf


The Best Practice News Alert Archive Series

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This list covers the most popular and challenging issues including the following range of Practice Tips.

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Effective Marketing Strategies

    • Ethical Marketing
    • Value Adding Services

Risk Management

    • Providers and doctors percentages
    • The New Awards for Doctors, Allied Health, Nursing and Reception Staff

High Performance Strategies 

    • Succession Planning Pathways
    • Optimal Business Models
    • Legally Tendering Diagnostic and other leases for a Fair Market Value

Effective Tax Planning

    • Effective Use of Service Trusts and Corporate Beneficiaries
    • Effective Use of Family Trusts
    • A Super strategy for using a family trust

Easy Accounting & Traffic Light Reporting Systems