I want to get between your legs! (new)

No you have not come to the wrong section. This is about why and how theMedical Accountants South Australia Govt. is accessing
your private medical records without permission for non-clinical reasons. How it is affecting the type
of care you receive. Finally it will explain why Medicare cannot give a straight answer over the phone
in relation to Medicare item numbers. Unfair Medicare audits are bullying and intimidating doctors and
healthcare professionals. This is leading to the withholding of services patients need.
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Community GP campaign goes national 1st February 2013!

This is the latest national coverage from Medical Observer that is distributed to 40,000 doctors per week
on our community campaign download for why you cannot see a doctor of your choice, when you want it:

GP campaign targets Medicare reviews – Medical Observer.pdf

Is there evidence there is a problem?

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To download the full evidence that their may be a big problem with the Govt accessing your private medical
records and interfering in your care download the PDF below. The easiest way to read this information is to
follow the tabs and read the Yellow highlighted areas to get a flavour of the key issues.