We provide accounting, tax, practice management and health care consulting solutions for Medical, Dental, Allied Health and Elite Sports People

The Mission

“We look after your future by creating a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system and community.”

Our Values

1. Triple Win
2. Innovation
3. Leadership
4. Integrity and respect
5. Accountability

These are the core values and behaviours that drive our organisation. Each one is critical, but should be held in balance with all others.



Our Core Values

1. Triple Win

We promote innovative, sustainable and socially responsible triple win solutions.

A triple win means for:


          the client, and

          the community.

2. Innovation
We are innovative by being part of a patient and dynamic team that openly supports progressive thinking and solutions that takes us all to the next level of personal and professional development.

3. Leadership
We are all role models and must lead by example.

4. Integrity and respect
We show integrity and respect by our actions that show we care.

5. Accountability
We demonstrate accountability by acting timely on facts and not on feelings. We value our mistakes as a great opportunity to learn. We remain open, fair and transparent to everyone without fear or favour.

Why are we unique?

To our knowledge there is no other company offering the same range of services and support to doctors anywhere in Australia.

Acknowledging that many owners in general do not have the business skills, time nor expertise to deal with the commercial realities that impact on their practice, our particular focus is on enabling hands-on management.

Today, the healthcare profession is under more pressure than ever before. Medicare, third party payers and computerised office systems are making the practice of medicine more and more complex. It’s no secret that running a successful healthcare practice in the new millennium takes time and business expertise. Something a lot of owners just don’t have, and more importantly, they are not trained for. And while they desperately try to juggle their dual roles of doctor and business person, their main asset – their patient base – suffers. All of this has a great impact on the bottom line.

Current healthcare and taxation reforms threaten to reduce the viability and high quality of medical care in Australia forever. For doctors and dentists our key strategy is to ethically and legally use the healthcare reforms to the advantage of their professions.

We have identified the areas that generate the greatest problems in a medical practice and developed solutions to yield the greatest benefits. You may choose to have us provide a single or total package. We offer a total support network for your practice – reducing non-chargeable hours, wastage and accountancy fees, to increasing your fee base, productivity and quality of service. This all adds up to a healthier profit for you and a better service to your patients. We have also developed a unique payroll program called the Doctors’ Pay Calculator, which simplifies legal, tax and accounting compliance for employers.

We understand day to day practice management problems. Are we what you are looking for?