Traffic Light Management Reports

Only when you get a visualisation of your issues, can you assign them a priority.

Written reports are great, if you have time to read them. If you are time poor, a colour coded flagging system is the most effective way in getting the teams attention! Using our new traffic light reporting system and our national key performance indicators, we use the Balanced Scorecard approach to mentor your practice. We act like your GPS in your car to guide you through any challenges and opportunities.

The following are a range of Traffic Light Management Reports a practice/business should implement:

  • Financial Statements You Can Understand

    1.The 3-5 year Strategic Plan
    2.The 12 month Operating Plan
    3.The 12 month Operating Budget
    4.The Monthly Dashboard Report

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  • Annual The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Report

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  • National Practice Financial Benchmarking database and Report

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  • The Monthly Dashboard Report

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  • National Balanced Scorecard Key Performance Indicators

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Contact us for a demonstration on how our new external restructuring and annual traffic light reporting system that helps you better manage your practice by keeping it focussed on the things that matter.

For a timeline on when each of the above reports should be used during the financial year Read on…

David DahmTraffic Light Management Reports