Effective Time Management

Are you making excuses to yourself, for not getting something done? How you do it?

The biggest barrier to people not achieving their goals is poor time management, not setting priorities and allowing excuses to let us missed deadlines.

The starting point is to have an effective system that makes you accountable to yourself and others. This will help you deal with the big and small stuff without having to stress about it. Working in teams and effective delegation is critical.

  • Overcoming procrastination read on
  • “I’m too busy” is not a good excuse when your livelihood is the important thing you need to consider. People you care for depend on you
  • Time is the easiest thing that can be managed
  • Put a practical action plan in your diary. Start now by taking small steps such as making a call to your advisor or writing some key points on the back of an envelope on what you are going to do next. Being accountable to yourself is critical. Using the “Plan, Do, Check & Act” program can easily overcome this problem. Read on.
  • To find out more about yourself and why do anything Read on…