*Eat what you kill means unless you go to work as an employee, contractor or self-employed person you will not earn an income. Mark where are you on the pie. The more you are reliant on your personal exertion income the less freedom you have. The Australian dream is first to own your own home and secondly to own a business that can earn them money while they sleep.
  • Ideally working on a business or investment that yields passive income is a choice most people would aspire to. This enables people to pursue other passions in life.
  • Your biggest debt in life is your retirement. You need $2m to retire and to receive an income of $70k p.a. after tax (excluding the family home).
  • Unlike health, your finances are an issue you can control and manage. Making a plan that keeps things in perspective will give you more time, greater opportunities and fewer problems. You have to take personal responsibility for this. Nobody can do this for you. How you achieve this is by becoming financially literate.
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