Frequently Asked Practice Management Problems

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1. You Owners are not clear on personal direction Strategic More about You Read on…
Each owner should be clear on what they want and how their work will meet this purpose. Lack of clarity is the number one reason why practices are inefficient. Think about what you want to achieve and your financial security first. Then relate this to your work/practice More about You Read on…   Strategic vision for the future – A vision built to last!
You are wasting your time and money and everybody else’s, if you don’t know where you are going
2. You No time or too busy Operational Read on… Effective Time Management
Owners/ managers should use an electronic diary system that integrates with key personnel If you have difficulty managing priorities if you can’t see the big picture and set a priority. It is not a priority if it is not important to you. Effective time management practices are critical. They are easy to implement. Work on the things nobody else can work on. Start by having an end point in mind. More aboutYou Read on…
If you are not organised and operate a structured diary so you can work in and on your practice/business you will find you will be spinning wheels. This will also make delegation difficult if there is no system in place to deal with your work loads. As an owner your objective should be to fire yourself in three years. Working should be a choice and not a responsibility. Do this by working on the business and not in it.
Focus on planning, systems, training and delegation.
3. Have a Road Map Practice/Business owners and staff pulling in different directions Employ a practice manager or personal assistant to handle the detail. Read on… High Performance Management Planning
Build a Vision Built to Last. Practice/Business Owners have no shared vision and plan High Performance Management Planning Read on… Daily Individual Morale &  Productivity Survey
Specifically and boldly list projected revenue, system and staffing changes and when – 12mths, 3 years and 5 years. The number one reason why practices are inefficient.
You would not get into a taxi without knowing where you were going. So why take yourself and everybody else for the same ride?Get rid of the handbrake of doubt make; create realistic short term goals before you start driving change.
4. Inspire and Empower Staff Share big ideas and sell a Vision Built to Last. Bigger the easier because it is more exciting and compelling. Everyone will want to get up in the morning.
Be enthusiastic and lead by example. Show leadership at meetings – motivating staff is critical. Involve your owner-directors and potential owner–directors, e.g. medical staff, and set up and delegate key strategies to small task forces within the practice. Individual Morale &  Productivity Survey Read on… High Performance Strategies -Empowering Your People
Provide appropriately skilled and experienced internal and external mentors. Empower staff by showing them they are being heard. High Performance Strategies -Empowering Your People
5. Use Great Systems Thinking Have a plan and make people accountable. Processes and Systems – working smarter not harder Read on… Processes and Systems – working smarter not harder
The Buck Stops Here Test your systems regularly – use a daily error reporting system see staff daily productivity survey. Ideas to improve the returns and managing your practice Read on… Ideas to improve the returns and managing your practice 
Keep focussed on strategy and measure outcomes regularly. High Performance Strategies Empowering Your People Read on… High Performance Strategies Empowering Your People
6. Use Great Systems Thinking 4% of all organisations in the world focus on systems. This makes them great and not just good businesses. Practice Surveys Read on… Practice Surveys
Do more with less by focussing on the right structures, systems and processes. Blame the process and not the person first. Then train before you blame Read on… Ideas to improve the returns and managing your practice
We use Mind Mapper to design and improve systems fast
We use Camtasia  to record procedures, and record all presentations to avoid sessions being repeated, including to part time staff who miss meetings.

If any of these issues are of significant concern to you then talk to us. For peace of mind for a lifetime – get the facts and get it right today. Contact us for more information.

Also review our Best Practice Management Tips program read on…

David DahmFrequently Asked Practice Management Problems