With many ideas it is difficult to keep track all of them and keep everyone on the same page. These templates will assist your practice in achieving it’s goals and prevent many practice arguments or communication problems. The more people know the less questions they ask and the easier it is to delegate responsibilities.

The Director Pathways Program explains in detail when each of the reports detailed below are compiled and used.

JCurve Projects
This tool is about appreciating any idea initially involves a set up cost and there  is delayed gratification before it pays off. Understanding there is a time to quit or stay is important if you do not want to lose time and resources on projects that are less likely to meet your expectations.
The Plan Do Act Cycle
This tool is about how to make sure you execute any ideas on time and not to    take on too many projects on that overwhelm the management team. Once all projects have been vetted using this process, only then can these projects can be entered on to the practices strategic plan detailed below.
Strategic Plan (3-5 yr)
Developed what your practice will look like in 5 years (keep ideas at a high level )
Download a sample plan.
Operating Plan (12 mth)
From your Strategic plan this can be used as a template, detail what your practice will do in the next 12 months (more details are required but keep to brief bullet points where possible). Usually a maximum of 3 major strategic projects are decided upon for implementation. This information is used to put into an annual and monthly dashboard budget.
Download a sample plan.
Monthly Dashboard
This is a monthly report from the operating plan used a template where budgets are set and this information is entered into MYOB/Quickbooks program. The actual results are then reported onto the Monthly Dashboard Report.
Download a sample plan.
Meetings AgendaAn agenda that is in writing that identifies key tasks, actions , people responsible and when is critical to ensuring the practice is making progress. People are more likely to do something when there name appears on a document.Traffic Light Agenda and Actions. Download.
Agenda v & Action Items Examples v1.pdf