We create a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system by promoting health and financial literacy where poverty breeds ill health and ill health breeds poverty.


Grow – Sustain – Excel
[the underpinning principles or ethos on everything that we do


Continuous growth and development of healthcare practices through collaborative partnerships, innovation management, nimble service delivery and best practice in healthcare development that fosters excellence.


Contribution;  Equitable;  Accountable;  Quality;  Ethical;  Social Responsibility [our current values]

Strategic Platform

1. Finance

Legal & Business Structure
Income business model
Member Services etc

2. Success Breeds Success

Patient Feedback etc…

3. Processes

IT systems
Administration procedures etc…

4. Learning and Growth
    External and Internal Training etc…

Strategic Priorities

The Board approved x key priorities for The Practice.  These priorities are critical to The Practice ’s success as a leader in its field in the region.

Resources have been allocated to these priorities and implementation commenced including:

1. Finance
Legal & Business Structure
Income business model etc…

2. Customer/Patient
Patient Feedback etc…

3. Processes
IT systems
Administration procedures etc…

4. Learning and Growth
Promote applied learning programs etc…

Performance Measures
  • The Practice has responsibility for primary care services in the local area.
  • The Practice has market share (participation, corporate, profile)
  • The Practice is highly connected to our clients/patients and the community
  • Collaborative web of influential partnerships with community, corporates and government
  • The Practice leads:
    • Awards??
    • Performance Pathways
    • Management practices (based on best practice that is relevant to growing a sustainable organisation)
    • People management (defined by a highly capable team with strong support and development programs)
  • Leadership position in building the capacity of the community (to be defined).

To complete your strategic plan, then your 12 month Operating Plan and Monthly Dashboard Report read on.