How do you run a successful practice?

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Things to think about

  • Create an intuitive practice that can operate without you. Design it so you can earn money while you sleep and not just on eat what you kill.
  • Adopt world’s best practice – work towards international best practice standards; don’t reinvent the wheel if you are time poor. Contact us to attend our The World’s Best Practice Seminar.
  • Implement a clinical and non-clinical governance program for succession planning to breed like-minded owners.
  • Avoid nasty surprises by implementing an accredited governance framework
  • Implement systems, training and annual Traffic Light Reporting programs to ensure your practice is on track.

Health and Life has proven and easy to access training programs and systems to address all these issues.  Our most important program is our Directors Pathway Program. Also Read about The Balanced Scorecard system. Contact us for more information.

David DahmHow do you run a successful practice?