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Start with a compelling end in mind that inspires!

The World’s Best Practices focuses on all the key areas below.

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Set the Tone

Always aim not to be just good but to be great and the best at what you do in the world! This means you and your staff will never become complacent. They will always strive to be on the look out to be better than everyone else. Not that think they are better but they know this for a fact. You know this because your team takes every opportunity to visit other practices around the world including meeting other like-minded people who have done the same and most importantly there is a commitment to implement best practice systems to do more with less by working on and not just in the practice.

This will guarantee you will always provide the highest quality of sustainable services to your community that everyone will respect. Why? Because your team is always on the look out to do things better and smarter than anyone else.

Making a good profit is a result of executing these activities and is not the reason why you do this.

To achieve your vision you need a realistic plan in writing. See the High Performance Planning section on how to prepare these plans for your practice:

  1. The 3-5 year Strategic Plan
  2. The 12 month Operating Plan
  3. The 12 month Operating Budget
  4. The Monthly Dashboard Report

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