The little things do make a big difference!

You can view a 5 minute video, from practice’s just like your own on the best mistakes they have learned from. Most importantly you can see what was the best solution they have come up with so it never happens again, for example a new procedure or system they have introduced such as template employment contracts.

We make them too ,see David Dahm’s 42 Mistakes hyperlink to David Dahm’s failures food for thought nobody is perfect!

It is Ok to admit to your mistakes! The important thing is to identify what you have learn’t from the experience and share this with others, as we have with you.

Send us your best practice tip and who knows you may be discovered by Medical Observer or Australian Doctor as a great news story like our clients have! It is a great way to promote your practice so you can continue to recruit great staff and grow from the experience.

If you would like to submit an entry, it is important to complete the following…

  1. Provide email permission that you are happy to have your idea broadcasted royalty free.
  2. Email a 30 second elevator pitch about your practice. State the following:
    1. Your name and title
    2. Practice Name
    3. Practice Location
    4. A little a bit about the area that makes it great place to live!
    5. Your best practice solution from a mistake you have made that we all can learn from.