Health and Life Surveys

These are “tip of the iceberg” surveys, designed to see if you have any major problems around the corner fast.

The surveys are on line and the results are reported graphically with comments for the practice to analyse and act on.

The surveys have identified key doctors who wanted to leave a practice.

When a doctor can bill up to $450k p.a. this is a lot of money saved in recruitment, retention and lost earnings if the warning signs are picked up early. 

All practices are now empowered to deal with smaller problems, before they become bigger ones!

What a great way to ensure there is high staff moral and productivity.

If you don’t measure it you can’t manage it. Can you afford to have a patient, staff member or referrer un happy with you?

We are pleased to introduce a new service to clients and friends of Health and  Life. We have developed some critical real time staff productivity tools to improve the morale and efficiency of your staff. There are also patients and referrer satisfaction surveys. See free “Client Surveys”. These can be modified to meet your practice’s needs.

These timely surveys and are ideal if you want access to risk and performance management tools that:

Improve staff performance using an objective assessment

Receive feedback on a new staff member or provider

Reduce litigation risk

Improve services or practice revenue or value added opportunities

Furthermore we have developed tools to see if your patients or referrers are happy with you. These are ideal in measuring whether people are happy with your services and whether you can reasonably increase your income or service opportunities.

All Surveys are conducted under strict confidentiality and privacy rules and are automatically collated. All practices need to do, with permission from your participants, is to provide us their email addresses.

We can conduct the survey for you and compile meaningful graphs and response summaries for analysis.
You can access your results on line 24/7.

For some extract examples.

Who do you contact about legal questions?

If you have any legal questions in relation to the practice agreements Template documents, then you can use the legal helpline that the law firm Peripheral Blue and Maddox Lawyers (via Cleardocs) provides to Health and Life. Peripheral Blue and Maddox are our primary independent lawyers we use. They sign-off on master documents and the question interface before we put the documents on our site.

The first thing to do is ring us. We will arrange for you to speak with the relevant lawyer firm.

If you require other legal advice in relation to your particular circumstances, then this will be charged for.

Our number is 1800 077 222.

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About me: David Dahm BA (Acc.), CA., FCPA, CTA, FFin, CPM, FAAPM, FAIM, FGLF.

Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser, Registered Tax Agent, Former AGPAL Surveyor 10 years of service

David Dahm is CEO and founder of the national medical and healthcare chartered accounting firm Health and Life and global Founder and CEO of the not for profit project the International Healthcare Standards and Ethics Board (

After a serious work related car accident in 1989, and nine operations later I continue to be a patient and provider advocate. I enter my third decade as a national Chartered Accountant for Medical and Healthcare practices in Australia. I am a former 10-year Australian General Practice Accreditation surveyor. I come from a medico family. I have served on the AAPM national Board and was the inaugural national Chair of the Certified Practice Manager CPM post nominal. I continue to provide accounting tax and practice management advice to many practices all over Australia.

You know who you are and I thank you for this real honour and privilege to serve you and your community through you. Note, I am not a lawyer please seek appropriate legal and accounting advice. This information is for general information and discussion only.