Seminars And Training Topics

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Ethical Marketing
  • Optimal Legal and Tax Structures
  • You don’t want to be the boss! Practice Managers Watch Out!
  • Accreditation Standards v Legal Standards do it really matter?
  • The New National Medical Board and Healthcare Provider rules commencing 1st July 2010
  • The New National Healthcare Awards rules & Updates commencing 1st July 2010
  • The New National Healthcare Consumer Rules commencing 1st Jan 2010
  • Prevent Owner and Provider Arguments and Lawsuits using Commerical and Clinical Governance as a tool to raise productivity and reduce risks.
  • Director pathways succession planning – breeding future like-minded owners
  • Making Life Easier by implementing The World’s Best Practice. This international research shows that only 4% of organisations in the entire world do that make them Great Businesses and not just Good ones! We reveal their secrets to you.
  • New Cases Law trends where insurance companies are suing your practice and no longer just the provider what should your practice staff say over the counter.

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David DahmSeminars And Training Topics