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Employment Templates 


Nursing, Receptionist and Practice Manager Templates


Ensuring whether your employment agreements are compliant can be difficult. Despite paying your employees above the Award  it does not mean you are compliant. Just because you are paying above Award rate does not make you compliant it must be in writing to avoid Union or Fair Work orders and fines up to $660,000 per incident.

Our article Overtime is not a badge of honour: it is a warning signal! may provide more guidance.


Take the free Medical and Health Employment Compliance Checklist if you want to know if you are on track. 


You may also found our annual end of year checklist of value. 


These template agreements that we have produced with independent law firm enable you to complete Individual Flexibility Agreements that meet the minimum Award entitlements. 


Please note we are not lawyers and you must seek an independent legal advice when using the templates. 

Warning a doctor recently reported a practice under the Fair Work Act.

The case involved a doctor who claimed they were an employee and not a contractor. 

The owner and practice staff face allegations for breaches under the Act. A practice may faces fines up to $660,000. 

The owner just one the case but not for the reasons you may first think! Here is the case


For more information on how to avoid this problem read our article Don’t Use the C Word and more from our blog

This Employee v Contractor Checklist is a free self assessment tool to see if you have a compliance problem or not.  


Who do you contact about legal questions?

If you have any legal questions in relation to the practice agreements legally prepared template documents, then you can use the legal helpline. Our preferred independent law firms we recommend are Hamilton Bailey and Maddox Lawyers (via Cleardocs). They sign-off on master documents. 

Health and Life ensures you have commercially sustainable arrangements in place before instructing your lawyers to execute your customised  template agreements. There is no point in agreeing to anything unless you can afford it!  

This saves you a significant amount  of time and money.

The first thing to do is ring us. We will arrange for you to speak with the right legal team.

If you require other legal advice in relation to your particular circumstances, then this will be charged for.

Our number is 1800 077 222.