Leasing Agreement Template

rightimage_leasetemplThere are up to two types of leases a practice may have namely: Head lease Commercial property leases between property owners and the practice to ensure they are sub-lease friendly and encourage succession planning. Sub-lease These are leases where there is a head lease in place where the tenant has an opportunity to sub lease the same premises. The deregulation of pathology licences on 1 July 2010 resulted in a ‘gold-rush’ of pathology collection centres being established in general practice. For Health and Life clients only, we also introduced a lease tendering service to ensure competitive rates are paid for collection centres.


  • Do not accept corporate prepared contracts without seeking independent legal advice.
  • We tender out with all corporate head offices with special buying power due to our national client base, so we can usually secure a better deal than you can so a fair market value is achieved.
  • We prepare a national expression of interest to ensure you get the best and fairest deal for practice than can fund your practice expansion so you can build better facilities and services for your patients. Contact us for more information.
David DahmLeasing Agreement Template