These are practice and property owner agreement templates that we have produced with an independent law firm. Key features include internal valuations that do not require external valuation of your practice in the event of a retiring partner leaving because of sickness or ill health. We are not lawyers. A legal opinion should be sought. These agreements are used to facilitate a discussion on key areas that affect your practice from entry to exit and how decisions are made. Contact us for further information.

Who do you contact about legal questions?

If you have any legal questions in relation to the practice agreements Template documents, then you can use the legal helpline that the law firm Hamilton Bailey Legal and Maddox Lawyers (via Cleardocs) provides to Health and Life.  They are are our preferred independent lawyers. They sign-off on master documents.

The first thing to do is ring us. We will arrange for you to speak with the right legal team.

If you require other legal advice in relation to your particular circumstances, then this will be charged for.

Our number is 1800 077 222.