Tenant Doctor/Provider/Service/Contractor Agreements

Medical Contract & Medical Service Provider Agreement

rightimage_tennanttempProvider agreements can get quite complex with conflicting expert legal and accounting opinions across different state and federal laws and changing government health programs, e.g. the Practice Incentive Program.

We have developed a generic provider contract template kit that helps you address these issues.

Medical Resident Financial Advisor & Medical Student Financial Advisor

A key feature of our agreements that clients seek is an ability to provide an incentive for part-time workers to do more sessions, for example discounting service fees if they bill more than $15,000 per month or use higher dollar value Medicare item numbers such as chronic disease management. Retention clauses can also be embedded into these agreements.

For a free video on what doctor or provider agreements you need as well as fair work agreements see http://www.healthandlife.com.au/what-we-do/services-peace-of-mind-solutions/specialised-services/products-for-medical-practices/templates/employment-template-agreement-kit-fair-work-act-friendly/

Contractor Agreements

Please note we are not lawyers and you must seek a legal opinion before acting on any ideas. We are not lawyers.These agreements are used to facilitate a discussion on key areas that affect your practice. Contact us for further information.

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David DahmTenant Doctor/Provider/Service/Contractor Agreements