It only takes a moment to change some one’s life – it happened to me, it can happen to you and you can do it to others and it is not that hard to achieve. It is an attitude not just a thought!


Financial Literacy – It is simple!

Changing the way people think about money.

You’re never too young to appreciate this point. In 1980, at the early age of 12, I had started my first job in Adelaide earning $2.50 per hour at Magic Mountain fun park. This instantly made me financially aware. I had worked 40 hours in one week , it was hard yakka and it barely paid 1/10th of the family home’s council rates that my father took out of his brief case to show me! This realisation sent me into my own personal financial crisis at the age of 12! I needed to work at something that paid better I thought!

Then one day I bumped into the owner of Magic Mountain, who incidentally was an accountant. After a 5 minute talk, he inspired and encouraged me to follow him in his own foot steps which I did to the letter. Incredibly I did what he told me and became an accountant! This had a positive affect. This is also why the One Moment Foundation has been established for young kids living in poverty. They are given an opportunity to meet inspirational role models. The healthcare community are excellent role models for kids in the community.

What you say to them in the consulting room can change their life forever.

Health Literacy – It is experiential ! Read on…