After my accident, I had learnt that I was not physically invincible as you feel when you are 21. The importance of looking after my health had become another primary goal in my life. Why? Because the quality of my life did suffer, like so many others who suffer from ill health or a traumatic accident. As much as this can adversely affect one’s opportunities, like so many before me it can also open up many new doors and help find one’s calling.

This is why I established, Health and Life and not because I come from a medico family. It became a calling and not just another accounting practice. We care about you, your patients and the community as a whole.


These are the values and beliefs I live by: 

  • Every day I want to make a meaningful contribution to life. As a journalist once said to me, “…One day we are all going to crash into the same tree that you did David – you just got there earlier”. Today, I live everyday as if it were my last and I know one day I will be right.
  • With great focus, leadership, courage, persistence and integrity, I believe you can reach your full potential. The true measure of success is the happiness in knowing that you are on track to achieving your life’s goals and ultimate purpose.
  • I believe being successful is when you meet your needs and wants and everyone else’s at the same time with integrity.

Poverty breeds ill health and ill health breeds poverty Read on…