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We learn more from our mistakes, than from our successes.

Success never comes easy. We all make mistakes. Here are 42 of my best mistakes in the last 20 years. Persistence matters, it is not just about education, money and timing. At the end of the day the right attitude and keeping an open mind are the only things that really count.


My biggest mistake was my  car accident but it was also my biggest opportunity no matter how bad it looked….!

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This is just to show nobody is perfect no matter how well prepared. Above are all the mistakes I have made.
Despite the best of education opportunities and work experience things never go to plan.

Making your own mistakes is the best and hardest way to learn. If I could do it again what would I do differently? That’s simple find a good business mentor.

Excellence comes from learning from your own and other peoples mistakes. So don’t feel bad, it is never as easy as it looks. Anything is achievable if you have persistence, many people quit when success is just around the corner.

If you don’t believe me watch this inspirational clip on the most successful failures in life. If you think you can change your world you can. Don’t listen to people who tell you what you can’t do failure is a good thing if you learn from it.

I was told I was going to amount to nothing at school and become a garboligist. Today we are a national Award winning firm which includes two Telstra Awards for business and social responsibility. I have presented in front of 6 Federal Senators and have had a string of success in the not for profit sector. Don’t believe what everyone says about you. Success is all about believing in yourself, then others will follow.

Life equals risk! – Here are some stunning and inspiring examples of famous people that were told they were no good. I hope you like it.

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