Through better community health and financial literacy programs we are here to make a real difference by creating a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system and community.

Health and Life was established to do more than just your tax return. We are about working with aspirational and ethically like-minded people like you. I have learnt you can’t change the past, only your future. Unlike me, you should not have to nearly die to start living your dreams.

After working long hours as an accountant, I had a car accident. At 5:30am, while asleep at the wheel, I had hit a tree. In one moment I had nearly lost my life. It was then I had decided to become a patient advocate as well as an accountant. For over 20 years our national, multi award winning services have been the most unique in Australia because we are focussed on you, healthcare practices and the community.

Through better community health and financial literacy programs we are here to make a real difference by creating a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system and community. Our team of professionals are here to look after your future. Why? Because poverty breeds ill health and ill health breeds poverty.

It takes just one moment at no obligation call to find out if you are asking the right questions from your tax and business advisers? We guarantee you will learn something you have not heard before.  After all, the secret to happiness is about how successfully you achieve your goals and purpose in life.

The one moment that changed David’s Life

– The Car Accident

David Dahm’s car that crashed into a tree 8th July 1989

Actual car taken after the accident

1989 Car Accident

In one moment I had a terrible but positive life changing experience. On 8th July 1989 at 5:33am on a cold Tuesday morning, after working long hours as an accountant, I fell asleep at the wheel of my car and crashed into a tree.

Do you have to die before you can live? This did change my life and others like me who have had similar experience. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had a similar story, like many who have had a near death experience. Not that we recommend this is a way of finding your purpose!

David Dahm’s purpose was crystallised at this moment. Read on.

Steve Jobs – Apple Founder and CEO

– How to Live Before You Die

Happy Birthday Health and Life – since 1992


Why the Healthcare Profession?

Despite coming from a family of medicos, I felt ‘lost in the healthcare system’ and nine operations later in 1992 I founded Health and Life. Today the firm is a national, high profile accounting, tax and healthcare consulting firm for the healthcare industry and the community.

Every person has a right to lead a free and self- fulfilled life. Through financial and health literacy, Health and Life’s vision is to help health professionals become empowered patient advocates. In a free society, the same freedom and access to the health system should be available to people from all walks of life. Every healthcare provider is in a unique position to touch the lives of every person to help them reach this goal.

I believe in the timely delivery of health and financial literacy information to individuals so they can lead a self-fulfilled life. It only takes a moment to change someone’s life.

It only takes a moment to change someone’s life Read on…