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A Client success story: could this be You?

The Jimboomba Junction Family Practice (QLD) – Fast Growth

Hi David,

It is a pleasure to offer a testimonial of your services. In late 2005 I was privileged to be in the audience of a presentation by Mr David Dahm – a name I had not heard before.

David was an enthusiastic and motivating gentleman with a passion for business management relating to the Medical Profession. I never forgot his name.

In 2006, my wife and I were offered purchase of a General Practice in which we had both worked for some years. We sought the advice of David Dahm.

David and his team were instrumental in the purchase, and more recently, the total upgrade and relocation of our now successful General Practice. We moved from a small dwelling with three doctors, into a space of over 300m2, currently housing nine doctors and several allied health professionals.

David and his loyal team have allowed us to structure our business and practice management in a way that enables it to now run as a well oiled and, most importantly, legally safe medical practice.

The advice we receive from David and his team is both instructive and educational – allowing us ultimately to run with a high degree of autonomy and confidence.

Emma and I now enjoy a work environment that is safe, successful and most importantly runs with a fantastic admin, nursing and medical team.

I remember with some trepidation building a ‘big practice’, wondering where the Doctors would come from to fill our consulting rooms. David’s reassuring words now ring true: “Don’t worry Rod, they will come to you (once you have a well structured practice)”. I thought he was mad. We now find ourselves turning Doctors away!

It is without hesitation I recommend the services of Health and Life under the wings of David Dahm.

Kindest Regards
Dr Rod Willet principal of Jimboomba Junction Family Practice



Are you happy or are you tired of things not going to plan? If you don’t believe in yourself why should anybody believe you?

Do you eat well and sleep well at night. Do you want to but don’t have the time to do something about it? This section will help you work out whether we can help you.

The world of achievement belongs to the optimist. To be optimistic is simple you just need to be positive and be able to see what you want to achieve and have a realistic plan.

However, it is important to know, what makes you happy and why. Now is the time to take ownership and understand that this is the most important question in your life. Why do you what you do? What is your ultimate purpose is a difficult but compelling question. It is only when you know why that can you passionately engage and motivate others to be a part of your world.

Only you can change your future, knowing that you can’t change the past. To succeed in life is as simple as changing your attitude and going back to the why question. By understanding what is important to you will help fast track your pathway to success and self-fulfilment.

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Sometimes people fear change because they fear failure. Failure is a good thing if you learn from the experience. Real failure is someone who does not try at all. The more you try, the more successful you will become.

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