The key to happiness is for you to believe in yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having long term plans, maintaining work friendly hours and looking after your own and your partner’s needs.

US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2010

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We believe personal happiness starts with your health and your wealth. The Australian National University published an article Health Lies Wealth 2010. Poor personal finance is the number one cause of poor health. This avoidable problem has an enormous adverse impact on your own well-being as well that of the people who depend on you to any great extent. Not managed properly, the vicious cycle of poor health and wealth can spiral out of control.


Start by changing your attitude. Changing your attitude towards life, money, success and the search for others’ acceptance can make a real difference. Working on being yourself is the best the start. It’s not difficult to fix if you want or need to. You need to have a vision for the future. You need to be able to describe where you need to be both financially and non-financially in the next 5 years and when you retire. If you can’t sell it to yourself then you can’t sell it to anyone else. So build something that is going to last or don’t build it at all.

The key to success making a list of your dreams and then a simple plan to change.

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