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Introducing our unique Doctor’s (e-Service Fee Agreement ) Pay Calculator


The “Tenant Doctor” Solution

What exactly is the Doctors Pay Calculator?

The Doctors (e-Service Fee Agreement) Pay Calculator (DPC) * cloud software solution is a uniquely comprehensive legal, tax, and accounting compliance tool. 

It is an evidenced based commercially tax tested tool built on 30 years of commercial and taxation law. In 1991 it was developed by a registered tax agent and Chartered Accountant – David Dahm CEO and Founder of Health and Life.

This software integrates to your legally prepared e-service agreements to Xero and practice billing systems. 

It automates and reconcile tax compliant payments to your providers and the ATO and various state payroll tax office.

Breaking News: 2023/24 New Payroll and Income Tax Compliant Features 

The Doctors Pay Calculator has recently successfully defended client(s) involved with a payroll tax audit and obtained 34 GP practice exemptions for payroll taxes.

Additionally, we are currently in the process of applying for a product tax ruling from the National Australian Tax Office.

Click HERE for more information about our 2023/2024 New Payroll and Income Tax Compliant Recruitment and Retention Features.

To our knowledge, in an Australian first, DPC provides a compelling new competitive edge by becoming Tenant DoctorTM certified.

DPC is a state of the art, digitally-encrypted automated customised e-Service Agreement and service fee calculator tool that integrates with with your accounting and tax reports.

Tenant Doctor Certified TM

The Tenant Doctor trademark logo certifies and protects you from  Contractor payroll and income tax  (Australian Taxation Office) compliance audits.

*120% tax deductible under the ATO’s Small Business Technology Investment Boost

Under the new laws and rulings, save up to $600 monthly on  external accounting, book keeping and administration  of doctors pays and queries. Terms and conditions apply, contact us HERE for more information.


Do not risk losing your practice. 

Avoid spreading contractor tax compliance audits from your practice.

Stop encouraging a tax audit. Improve recruitment and retention by legally certifying your practice as legally tax compliant by using our unique and cost effective annual Tenant Doctor certification program.

For peace of mind, complete legally correct service calculations and payments in minutes and not hours.

DPC integrates with your Practice Management Billing system.

It automatically calculates and helps you reconcile your service fees to your practice and your providers Xero ledgers and bank accounts.

Near real time Income and BAS extract summaries and Tax Invoices can be emailed in bulk to your provider and their accountant.

It simplifies your practices weekly, monthly and annual accounting service fee calculation and payment routines, from hours to minutes.

Replace messy spreadsheets in the cloud that do not reconcile or make sense. and  are not-tax compliant automated centralised or seperate banking service fee calculators.

Are you confident in answering these questions?

  • Can you legally and accurately complete your service fee pays, bookkeeping and tax summaries in under 10 minutes?
  • Do you need a software benchmarking program that clearly reconciles and integrates into your accounting, tax, legal compliance system that has a reviewable audit trail?
  • Did you know you need an Australian Tax Office e-invoicing compliant solution from 1st July 2022?
  • Do you need a recruitment and retention advantage over your competitors?

Do you need a checklist on how to remain Payroll Tax and Medicare compliant?

Click HERE!


The program will provide you with new revenue opportunities as well as further peace of mind that you are payroll and income tax compliant with the latest tax rulings.

Safely recruit and retain more practitioners.

Legally protect everyone’s livelihood from a contagious tax audit.

Do not lose a practitioner’s trust over a payment dispute.

Since 2001, a proven evidenced based automated legal, accounting, and tax audit solution.

For more information read the article “The ATO and Payroll Tax: Why certify your Tenant Doctor arrangements annually?

So what do people think?

‘I love it’

Val Hosking, Practice Manager 


‘I said to my boss I would resign if we did not get it’

Tammy Martin, Practice Manager 

No more chasing doctors or your advisers for their signatures.

In an Australian first, DPC helps you comply with the latest High Court independent contractor and payroll and income tax rulings. Payroll tax and income tax tested.

They help comply with the latest High Court contractor and ATO and Fair Work Rulings (including free legal updates with out monthly subscription service).

Health and Life in collaboration with Hamilton and Bailey Lawyers have SMS automated this process.

Hamilton Bailey Lawyers in conjunction with Health and Life Chartered Accountants provide independent external legal sign-off and commercially approved service fees.

The Doctors Pay Calculator was developed in 2001 by Health and Life. It is unavailable anywhere else in Australia.


This cloud program that helps practices calculate service agreement fees (pays) to providers who are paid on a percentage of their gross receipts.

It automatically prepares Tax Invoices, BAS and Income Tax Extract Summaries as well as calculating and other incentive payment arrangements.

It is e-invoicing compliant under the new mandatory ATO rules. Reduce your tax and statutory audit risk now.


Doctors’ Pay Calculator™. Are you paying a percentage to your doctors or providers? This software program prepares Tax Invoices , BAS and Income Tax Summaries instantly, where the practice charges a percentage of gross fees as a management fee!


Doctors’ Pay Calculator (software) – 2007 Service Entity Tax Office Ruling compliant click HERE

Are you paying your providers correctly? The Doctors’ Pay Calculator is a unique pay database we developed shortly after the introduction of the GST in 2000.


The new Tax Office Ruling in relation to Service Trusts/ Entities in April 2007 makes light work of compliance obligations if you are running a service trust or company. The program is a database that keeps track of your service fees and payments and also helps your providers meet their BAS and tax compliance obligations.


No accountant or book keeper can guarantee your books are correct unless they use this software program and have the right systems in place. 

Many practices falsely assume their accountant, book keeper or practice manager has the right systems in place. 

Very rarely this is true. You have to ask and see it for yourself. The main reasons are due to costs or simply not knowing what systems should be in place. Most rely on the accountant to say something. 

They will not unless you ask in writing.

It is common to see a traditional accountant or even a specialist medical and healthcare accountant assume they have got it right.

Many accountants do not review this practitioner fee collection area as it can be quite complex and it is unregulated. It is usually out of their normal scope of works unless you ask. This is why there is a payroll and income tax pandemic.

Furthermore this is where practice fraud risk is high. 

This is why the Doctors Pay Calculator program starts with an independent accounting ledger away from the practice .

It has been exclusively developed for, and is available to, Health and Life clients only and accredited accounting firms. 

It is a database program that automatically calculates a tax invoice, BAS, income tax extract summary and a tax invoice summary reconciled to the last cent for every provider. 

It ensures your practice BAS and Tax Returns are a mirror image of each practitioners BAS and Tax Return. 

This avoids pay disputes and gives a clear tax audit trail to prevent further audit inquiries. 

Problems using a spreadsheet to calculate your Providers pay?

Many practices experience problems tracking payments to providers who are paid on a percentage of their gross receipts, with or without guaranteed minimums, or who are charged a sessional rate.

Some have developed unreconcilable complicated spreadsheets in he cloud, however many of these do not comply with Tax Office documentation requirements and very few can actually be reconciled to the practice’s bank account balance. 

New rules require independent contractors to maintain a seperate non ABN practice linked bank accounts. 

This creates an impossible audit trail to keep track on providers gross fees and charge the correct service fee.

Avoid triggering an ATO or payroll tax data matching audit:

The following causes that may trigger an audit:

  • Under/over reporting of provider income and GST remitted;
  • Practices who do not report on a timely basis GST collected on behalf of and paid by providers. This leads to practice and provider BAS errors, and higher accounting fees at year end due to disputes.
  • No bank reconciled audit trail proving payments made are calculated and paid correctly.
  • Assuming your accountant or book keeper is on top of it. This includes tracking fraud and errors. 

Many accountants do not review activities unless you specifically ask them. These arrangements are usually treated as non-compliance transactions conducted off the books sometimes referred to trust, clearing accounts or practice fee accounts where no formal book keeping or taxation requirements are required.


If you would like a free systems check to see if you have a problem, you can contact us for further information.

Who do you contact about legal questions?

If you have any legal questions in relation to the practice agreements or template documents,  use the independent  law firms Hamilton Bailey Lawyers, Peak Commercial and Tax and Maddox Lawyers.

The first thing to do is ring us. We will arrange for you to speak with an experienced law firm that will save you time and money not reinventing the wheel.

If you require other legal advice in relation to your particular circumstances, then this will be charged for.

Our number is 1800 077 222.

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About me: David Dahm BA (Acc.), CA., FCPA, CTA, FFin, CPM, FAAPM, FAIM, FGLF.

Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser, Registered Tax Agent, Former AGPAL Surveyor 10 years of service

David Dahm is CEO and founder of the national medical and healthcare chartered accounting firm Health and Life and global Founder and CEO of the not for profit project the International Healthcare Standards and Ethics Board (www.ihseb.org)

After a serious work related car accident in 1989, and nine operations later I continue to be a patient and provider advocate. I enter my third decade as a national Chartered Accountant for Medical and Healthcare practices in Australia. I am a former 10-year Australian General Practice Accreditation surveyor. I come from a medico family. I have served on the AAPM national Board and was the inaugural national Chair of the Certified Practice Manager CPM post nominal. I continue to provide accounting tax and practice management advice to many practices all over Australia.

You know who you are and I thank you for this real honour and privilege to serve you and your community through you. Note, I am not a lawyer please seek appropriate legal and accounting advice. This information is for general information and discussion only.