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Introducing Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator

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Who is Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator For?

Owner Doctors and dentists, allied health and public hospitals with private practice arrangements.

Practices worried about the Tax Office crack down on Service Trusts.

Practices experiencing trouble in reporting individual BAS and Earnings to providers who are paid on a percentage of fees generated. 

Practices that pay Guaranteed Minimums Practices that want to detect fraud and error.


Doctors Pay (Service Fee) Calculator has been operating since 2001 with over 1200 users
Uniquely Chartered Accountant and registered tax agent developed and endorsed


Tax Compliant And Cost Effective Solutions
Health & life
Doctors Pay Calculator
Alternative 1
(Competing Product and Service)
Alternative 2
(Competing Product and Service)
In-house (Set Up Free + Monthly Cost Per User)
Outsourced (Set Up Free + Monthly Cost Per User)*
*(if required)
Pricing Per Practitioner (User)*:
  • 1 -6 Users
  • 7-11 Users
  • 15-25 Users
  • 25+ Users – Enterprise Solution

*Price varies on what services you require, contact Health and Life for a quote. No obligation free trial can be arrange if we assess the program would be suitable for use . There is a free assessment. Furthermore additional fees for Enterprise Solutions (Project Planning/Collaboration). if we prepare your annual taxation returns and financial statements, you are classified an accounting client. if you are not an accounting client, you are alternatively classified a consulting client. Higher fees apply due to higher insurance premiums.

Prepaid Payment Options
Monthly or Annual Billing Cycle

No Conflicts of Interest – we receive no banking commission or trails

Services Level Agreement (SLA).

An agreement will be entered into. Depending on payment arrangements, an annual or monthly fee is payable . Support is only provided if accounts are kept up to date.


Health & life
Doctors Pay Calculator
Alternative 1
(Competing Product and Service)
Alternative 2
(Competing Product and Service)

Developed in 2001 uniquely has worked for solo practice to 60+ doctor multidisciplinary clinics per practice.

Database – Uses a database and not an Excel Spreadsheet to calculate any type of service providers,
e.g. doctors, dentists and allied health income based on a percentage of gross receipts with or without discounts and rebates.

Government grant friendly.

E.g. Practice Incentive Payment (PIP’s), Service Incentive Payments, Procedural Grants, Home Care and National Disability Scheme Program friendly.

E- Service Agreement Register.

Create and customise digitally encrypted service agreements in the cloud with Hamilton Bailey lawyers and Health and Life Chartered Accountants.

No more chasing providers or advisers with SMS automated electronic signatures.

Keep convenient track of all your signed service agreements. Practices can purchase templates.

Periodic Provider Extract Summaries.

periodic – weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. This simplifies the providers BAS and taxation preparation, in an easy to follow format they or their accountants can use.

Tax Compliant 

Tax Compliant – Provider Income Tax Extract Summaries tax tested

Tax Compliant – E-invoicing compliant. Easily Email providers Tax Invoices, BAS and Income Tax Extract Summaries. Discloses gross fees and services fees charged, amount owing, owed and detailed calculation report. For 2023/2024 New Payroll and Income Tax Compliant Recruitment and Retention Features click HERE.

Dashboard Reporting – accurate qualified accountant prepared service fee viability calculator

Xero/MYOB/Quick Books Best Practice and Practice Management Systems – compatible implementation depends on clients existing accounting and IT systems.

Cloud Solution – Available in the cloud. Providers and the practice have access via mobile devices and desktop.

Audit Trail – Accurate Online and Offline Audit Trail Access and locked data. Designed to identify fraud or error where possible. No third party automated error or user problems.

Full Access Free Trail – Cloud -Based only. 

Free and no obligation fit for purpose assessment required where practices submit a template service agreement, structure and latest accountants prepared financial statements.

Unique “peace of mind” solution.

Nationally since 1992, dedicated experts in the field. We don’t own or run medical or healthcare centres We are an independent national chartered accounting and health practice advisory firm. We focus on the best practices in world. We help implement easy and practical solutions that meet existing legal, accounting , administrative and ethical standards. We provide more than software. We check your work flow, data credentialing, GST tax and accounting, processing as well as tax and commercial structure validation to identify and eliminate significant systemic risks. We can set up training and monitor your practice if required.

User and Tax /Accountant Adviser Friendly – Provider/Adviser friendly emailed or online reports. Reduces Unnecessary queries and misunderstanding.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – We hold professional indemnity insurance for Chartered Accountants and CPA’s. We are subject to external quality assurance audits.


Health & life
Doctors Pay Calculator
Alternative 1
(Competing Product and Service)
Alternative 2
(Competing Product and Service)

Chartered Accounting, FAIM, CPA Chartered Tax Adviser and nationally Tax Agent Endorsed

1200+national multi-disciplinary users

30+ Years Experience with Doctors, Dentists and Allied Health including Practice Incentive Payments

Peace of mind

Over 550+ media interviews with Medical Observer, Australian Doctors, Australian Financial Review and The Australian 

Designed & produced by former KPMG auditor, adviser to the AMA and Australian Taxation office on service trust arrangements, Registered Tax Agent & Accountants, Chartered Accountant, CPA and General Practice Accreditation Surveyor.

Former KPMG External Auditor, State with National Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) Director, State Treasurer with Vice President. Former Chair and founder of the national AAPM Certified Practice Manager CPM program.

Doctors Pay Calculator Testimonials and General – thoroughly fully tested product for over 20 years.

National, Multi Award Winning Organization -Xero and Accountant’s Daily national winners, Telstra Award Winner, Fastest 100, Owner Manager Finalist. National Telstra Health Champion Judge.

Australian General Practice Accreditation Surveyor – 10 years

Founder of the not for profit International Healthcare Ethics and Standards Board to minimize errors in the healthcare system

Background in establishing collocated private emergency clinics in leading public hospitals located in NSW and SA using Doctors Pay Calculator

Most experienced and qualified to develop Australia’s first GST compliant solution in 2001. 


Health & life
Doctors Pay Calculator
Alternative 1
(Competing Product and Service)
Alternative 2
(Competing Product and Service)

Virtual Based Solution

1. Cloud-Based Solution 

Login use your own staff – no need to back up. Safer data back. Additional local back up arrangements can be made.

2. Outsourced implementation options – Health and life

Health and Life provide software and staff. This is quicker and cheaper in the long run. Ensures continuity and back up, the ultimate peace of mind solution. Ensures all software and contracts are regularly backed up and kept private. We use dual password authentication. This is more secure than most practices that use single password authentication where passwords are not frequently updated and shared with users. 


Health & life
Doctors Pay Calculator
Alternative 1
(Competing Product and Service)
Alternative 2
(Competing Product and Service)
Set Up Accounting Chartered Accounting qualified and experienced Support, Ongoing Training and Assistance
Set Up
1. On-Boarding project team – The Project team

Allocation and meeting of Health and Life and your practice key staff for implementation, training and ongoing assistance via Zoom or Google Hangouts, Recorded tailored training sessions available subject to technology availability.

2. Structure Review – fit for Purpose testing

Initial review of practice agreements, e.g doctors and allied health contracts and contemporary structures. Supply 25+ years market tested, legally vetted template provider and employment ”Fair Work friendly” template agreements where required . Clients must seek independent legal and professional advise as we are not lawyers prior to executing agreements;

3. Establish correct accounting and tax structure 

1. Ensure correct chart of accounts used to ”hold money” for providers.

2. Ensure correct daily reconciliations are performed by reviewing accounting, GST and procedural documentation and internal control testing your staff.

4. Provider Credentialing – ”One source of truth”

1. collect basic data.

2. Review validly signed agreements in place and tax structures to ensure no unnecessary payroll tax or employment obligations.

3. Ensure Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency compliance.

4. Auto email and texting renewal of compliance information . Cloud solution only. Clients are responsible for monitoring.

5. Data Entry

1. Provider details entity name sole trader, trust or company, ABN, bank details.

2. Contract details e.g. service fees.

3. Ensure pay run BAS and service fee compliance with practice accounting systems. Prepare mini BAS check written instructions for practice staff to follow, general training and customized videos.

4. Process first periods live pay run.

5. Train practice support staff – hand hold their first pay run.

6. Check practice staff second pay run.

7. Establish Password security access arrangements.

Ongoing Assistance
Collaboration with Client Support Staff and/or Practitioners.

Phone, video and online support and information during regular office hours.

Operational and Technical Assistance – Commercial, accounting and tax advice.

Negotiating contracts, payroll issues, fair work, Australian taxation office and employment and contractor disputes. Note we are not lawyers – we provide how -to solutions. This involves general advice, please contact us for further information or seek independent professional legal, accounting and taxation advice.

Online 24/7 Training Video’s
  • Doctors and Provider Contracts
  • Doctors Pay Calculator
  • Customized professionally and qualified accounting and tax compliant training
System Monitoring

If Requested on a regular or ad hoc basis.


CEO, Founder and Developer

David Dahm


Level 5, 108 king William St Adelaide SA, 5001(CBD)


1800 077 222 (we will be in touch within 24 hours during normal business hours CST Adelaide 8:30 am to 5pm)


Direct Access

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About me: David Dahm BA (Acc.), CA., FCPA, CTA, FFin, CPM, FAAPM, FAIM, FGLF.

Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser, Registered Tax Agent, Former AGPAL Surveyor 10 years of service

David Dahm is CEO and founder of the national medical and healthcare chartered accounting firm Health and Life and global Founder and CEO of the not for profit project the International Healthcare Standards and Ethics Board (

After a serious work related car accident in 1989, and nine operations later I continue to be a patient and provider advocate. I enter my third decade as a national Chartered Accountant for Medical and Healthcare practices in Australia. I am a former 10-year Australian General Practice Accreditation surveyor. I come from a medico family. I have served on the AAPM national Board and was the inaugural national Chair of the Certified Practice Manager CPM post nominal. I continue to provide accounting tax and practice management advice to many practices all over Australia.

You know who you are and I thank you for this real honour and privilege to serve you and your community through you. Note, I am not a lawyer please seek appropriate legal and accounting advice. This information is for general information and discussion only.

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